Puppies are six weeks old today!!

(Post part one - Individual pictures of each puppy! Man, they’re getting so big. Today was a day of firsts - first day outside, first day on the grass, first day rolling on a worm (ew) and first day meeting their dad and their other extended family! Second set of pictures in a moment! <3 Had too many cute ones, had to split it up a bit!)

  snickmom said: Don’t cardi’s usually take longer for their ears to go up?                  

They usually stand between 6-12 weeks. Sometimes with help, so we were like hahaha, look, adorable ear! We didn’t expect it though, Caleb’s ears took forever to stand, and these are some big ears on the babies. It’s really nice though, I love to see standing ears! <3

Ps: Got to visit and take a few pics today of her. SO cute, wow. I love this one eared stage.          


Well, hey, my camera battery didn’t get charged, so photos later today… have a totally silly eleven seconds of video instead of floppy puppy ears. ;)

I’ve had a ton of questions in the inbox asking about how the puppy evals went… and well, as of now, four puppies will be staying here a little longer to grow up a bit more -  and four puppies get to head out to different awesome adventures with brand new families in the big wide world… Aw.