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Patater Week - Day 7

Feb. 12- Adopting a Pet Together (Bonus points for including Kit!) - 1.5K

Kimmy’s sitting outside the pet shop, fenced in with two other volunteers and about fifteen puppies when the 6’4 guy with the Falconer’ cap comes up to her.

“Puppy for sale?” he asks, his accent thick. European, Kimmy guesses, but she’s pretty bad at pinpointing these kinds of things. He’s pointing at the wriggling ball of fur in her lap, gnawing at a plastic bone.  

“Adoption,” Kimmy says, then cradles the puppy as she stands. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Can I?” the man asks, sounding pleasantly surprised as he sets down his groceries.

“Sure,” Kimmy says. This particular puppy hasn’t really been catching the attention of families throughout the day. He’s a little plain, Kimmy supposes, and shy around strangers. “Just kind of hold him with two hands—there you go.”

The man is astonishingly gentle when she transfers the puppy to him, and the dog looks comically small in his hands. The man’s eyes are twinkling, and he holds the dog close to his chest, kissing it on the head very lightly as he murmurs in Russian.

“His name’s Kenny,” Kimmy says. “We found him in a box downtown, along with a couple others. They’ve all had their shots, gotten fixed, microchipped, it’s all included in the adoption fees.”

“His name Kenny?” the man grins, like there’s a joke behind that. 

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This is the product of me living vicariously through fictional characters and wondering about the strangest little show tidbits in the middle of the night.

So like, Dan? He can do that snake tongue thingy in that one memorable part in the Ultimate Enemy, but for the life of me I can’t remember if the snake tongue is a Vlad thing or something that is wholly Dan’s. Granted, I haven’t seen the show in years and honestly that particular bit wasn’t an important scene in the long run (purely shock factor to showcase how scary/monstrous Dan is), but if the fangs are Vlad’s, can the snake tongue be Danny’s? (NEWS FLASH: MY MEMORY IS SHITE)

Basically, an au where Danny somehow becomes a snake owner and learns some small-scale shapeshifting so that he can do that snake tongue thing just to play around with his snake. Snake is so confused by the warm log that is sometimes not so warm and strangely snake-ish.

And because I’ve spent too much time drawing those darn snakes, those are both Ball Pythons. Danny has an Axanthic Super Pastel and Dan has a Black Eyed Leucistic.

(Btw, in this au, Vlad is totes scared of snakes. Danny teases him with the tongue thing to freak him out, but he also gets invested in getting post-redemption Vlad over his fear and embrace the wonder and beauty of scale children. Alas, Vlad would, at best, only get to the point of toleration (he’s a cat person at heart).)