puppies saved

i had a dream that jungkook was trying to save some puppies from under a government owned gate but he got confused bc he was drunk and found six alien heads instead. the military was trying to decide whether or not to kill him since he knew stuff but armys started a hashtag of twitter #NOT with tweets of how pure jungkook was and how he shouldn’t get the death penalty


AUGUST 19 2017 is National Clear The Shelters Day!
You can adopt a new forever family member for a reduced fee or even FREE!!!!!!
Please check your local shelter for their participation, also please please please discuss adopting a pet with the whole family!
More details to follow but please reblog and post everywhere!
Let’s adopt to save lives!!!!!

MORE INFO- cleartheshelters.com Please remember Shelters operate on a very small budget, so if you are at a shelter today, please consider making a donation if possible, even if you don’t end up adopting a new friend.
Iain is like my best friend. He comes over a lot. And he really loves hanging out with Sylvia (5), they’re like best friends. Which is kind of cool actually. He like saves her artwork and all that. They’re like really buddies. I hang out with him the most socially.
—  Brett Dalton on his favorite Agents of SHIELD cast member, Toronto ComiCon 2017
some things people need to get straight

Don’t buy puppies from pet stores to “save the puppies from being mistreated!!” While this is done with the best of intentions, the puppy mill problem isn’t really about the puppies- the actual puppies are usually treated okay, it’s the parents that are kept in horrible conditions and forced to breed until they die. While you may be giving a home to one dog if you buy from a pet store, you’re supporting the misery of hundreds of other dogs with your money.

USDA certification isn’t a sign of a reputable breeder. It’s actually the mark of a puppy mill and if you see this, run fast in the opposite direction. CKC registration (Continental Kennel Club, not Canadian) is also a huge red flag.

But having AKC registered puppies doesn’t mean they’re reputable, either. While most good breeders (in the US) will have AKC registration, AKC isn’t picky about which dogs they register, so plenty of bad breeders do too. Also, “champion bloodlines” means nothing unless they’re at least in the second or third generations of a pedigree. 

Stereotyping breeds is not “like racism for dogs”. Humans weren’t strategically bred for hundreds of years to develop traits to assist them in specific tasks. Dogs were, so retrievers retrieve, greyhounds run, shepherds herd, and terriers fight. It’s not “all in how you raise them”. Genetics. They do stuff. Science. And hey could we maybe not compare the systemic oppression of minorities to people saying chihuahuas are barky? Thanks

Designer breeds i.e. labradoodles, maltipoos, cavachons etc. are not “the best of both worlds!” Again, genetics…that’s not how they work. Also realize that most of these dogs (especially since they are common products of puppy mills) don’t come from well-bred parents because reputable breeders generally don’t allow their dogs to be used to breed crosses. Like I’ve seen poodle breeders literally write it in their puppy contracts that they will take back the dog if they find out it’s being used to create “doodles”. 

If you support importing foreign rescue dogs but use the “overpopulation of shelter dogs in the US” factoid to protest dog breeding you’re a fucking hypocrite.

Don’t tell people “you can find any breed in a shelter!” Like ??? Yeah lemme just go find Cesky Terrier at my local humane society! I genuinely have no idea why people say this when it’s obviously not true?

Puppies aren’t a blank slate, and adult dogs don’t all come with awful baggage. If a puppy is genetically predisposed to aggression, all the early socialization in the world might not help at all. And while any adult dog will be shaped by its past, not all rescue dogs are abused and many are there because of circumstances completely unrelated to them and have had perfectly normal lives. You also have the advantage of already knowing their temperament, energy level, and any behavioral issues. 

I love giving and receiving fic reviews, but for a long time the whole process of writing a review used to be very fraught because I wanted to show my appreciation but I didn’t want to leave a generic “Loved this, please write more!” like every other comment the author had already gotten and was probably sick of. (Note - as an author, we do not get sick of these comments. We do not get sick of any comments.) But I figured something out a while ago and I figured I’d share it. How to leave a good comment on a fic: PICK A LINE.

Literally any line. Pick it as you’re reading. If a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph jumps out at you, highlight it and hit Ctrl+C. Then save that puppy until the comment section, paste it in, and let the author know why you liked it.

“___” My favorite line, it was hilarious!

“___” I’m gonna cry! Poor Character B!

“___” That is totally something Character A would say.

“___” omg this totally sums up their whole relationship, doesn’t it?

I’m a writer who is friends with a lot of writers. I have never met a writer who didn’t fucking love this. Worried that you’re not leaving a comprehensive review? It’s okay. Tell the author about the five-word sentence that you loved in their 10K word fic, and they will glow. I’m telling you this is foolproof. Take the stress out of commenting. Pick a line. Make a writer’s day.

Spider Gnome Spider Gnome

19 hours into a 24 hour D&D marathon (pathfinder)….. that we only managed to get 6 hours of planned content completed…..

Gnome Barbarian
Tiefling Barbarian
DM 1
DM 2
6 other assorted characters (including a random NPC puppy that was saved early on)

The questing party is hanging in a giant net trap after following the incredibly naive/reckless Gnome down a random tunnel.
The Gnome proceeds to cut the bottom of the net out to free the party…. which end up tumbling down yet another trap to a large room with two NPC’s…. except for the Elf that was smart enough to hold on everyone takes 5 damage.

Turns out the two NPC’s are the Final Boss and her main henchman…. an overly large half orc with armour out the wazzu…. a character that wasn’t supposed to come along for another 4 hours of planned content

Final Boss laughs and magics away, mister brick wall henchman will be enough to deal with these underleveled plebs….

Gnome to Tiefling: it’s time *pulls out knives*
Tiefling: *nods solemnly and picks up the Gnome and proceeds to throw her across the room at the Half-Orc*
DM 1: …… roll acrobatics
Gnome: 18!
DM 1: you bounce off his head unable to grab -
DM 1: they make it harder to grapple….
Gnome: but what if I use them like ice pics?
DM 1: ….. you grab onto his neck using your knives….. roll an athletics
Gnome: Nat 20 😎
DM 1: *error*
DM 2: The Half-Orc can’t find his face to pull you off because your attached to it…. blinding him…..
DM 1: …… strength check to stay attached to the Half-orcs head
Gnome: …. Nat 20

The Gnome proceeded to pull off the Half-orcs helmet, steals several small hatchets and throwing knives ,and semi destroy his shield before FINALLY falling, breaking DM 1 in the process.
The questing party finally defeats the Half-Orc with 21 AC (AFTER the removal of the helmet and shield) after nearly dying.
The Gnome was never hit.

Half an hour later the questing group formed a cult around the small puppy they had saved named Steve, thus breaking DM 2 and ending the campaign while the Gnome rolled around on the floor sing songing about the fact she had finally been thrown violently at an enemy.

Aka the time we broke my two highly experienced DM’s