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anonymous asked:

can you write me a short story😂😂 i'm interested to see what your high ass comes up with

Gonna compromise here & say instead of a short story I’ll write you a few high thoughts that I am currently having:

Wanting someone who doesn’t want you is like walking into a pet store & picking the one puppy who keeps running away from you

Do you think that animals look at other animals & think they’re ugly/good looking like humans do?

I’m thinking of a world where we have no currency like what if one day all money just vanished off the face of the earth what would we do? Start selling our skills/services instead like I’ll fix your car window for a loaf of bread?

Sunbathing is technically where a human sits in the sun & lets the sun cook them? We literally cook ourselves to look better & I’m thinking about when I had this discussion with @r-x-r-x & she pointed out that sun beds are actually human toasters

Why didn’t Theresa May’s parents name her April May?

If you still want a high story then tell me you still want one & I’ll write one for you I can’t promise it’ll make amazing sense though



Good morning!

Quick update:

Top photo is my new rescue pup. (His name is Groot. He’s eight weeks old!) Bottom photo is just your average Great Pyrenees adult–hanging out with his human. Adopting a polar bear and biting off more than I can chew is all part of my recovery plan😂

Looking forward to posting more about this sweetie after I pick him up in Dallas mid-July!

Happy Tuesday!