puppies and pumpkins

An Ofrenda In Type

There is a man

Who has the name of Kenneth Johnson.

A man who has the name of Grandfather

To myself, my cousins and brother

Who has the name dad

To my father and my aunts.

He is a kind man

He is warm,

He is smiling

He is grinning

He is laughing

In every place I see him

He loves his family, loves his children

Loves his wife, of decades married.

Loves his dog he found in the pumpkin patch,

Bawling its heart out as a puppy

He named the dog Pumpkin after that

He is the man who sees us every Christmas

Sees us in his RV travelling in-between

He is always quick to let us stay the night,

Whether it be in his RV when he comes to us

Or in his home where we come to him.

In any place we see him

He is always quick to crack a joke.

Why is breaking the law like a sick bird?

Because it is Ill -Eagle.

I always remember that one.

Like I remember his house

With the wood walls and the fireplace,

And the grass and the trees and the pool.

He loves his small Texas church,

To hear others tell it

His career is choir leader,

Which I think he doesn’t mind.

He repairs things with his hands

That his children watch to learn.

To teach to their own children,

Legacy after legacy.

I remember this much.

Memory is always in the present tense.

Forgetting is always in the past.

Energy cannot truly be destroyed.

And nobody is truly gone.

If we remember them as if they live.

This poem was written for my Grandfather’s funeral a few weeks ago, and it can be used under the Creative Commons-BY license as long as I, Thomas F. Johnson, am credited as its writer, and Kenneth Johnson is credited as the one who it was written for.

Being Little: Nicknames

These are just a couple nicknames that are not meant for a specific gender, nor are they for everyone!

~Baby Boy
~Baby Cakes
~Baby Doll
~Baby Girl
~Cuddle Bug
~Cutie Pie
~Cutie Patoot(ie)
~Fruit Loop
~Honey Bun
~Jelly Bean
~Lamb Chop
~Little Boy
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Everything
~My One and Only
~My Love
~My World
~Num Nums
~Other Half
~Teddy Bear