Blind Dog Who Lost His Eyes to an Infection Has an Adorable Pomeranian Seeing-Eye Guide

American Eskimo dog called Hoshi lost both his due to a severe infection at the age of 11. Although the operation left the beautiful pup blind, he acquired a supportive friend, who looks out for him. His new eyes belong to a tiny Pomeranian named Zen. The fluffy duo is inseparable and best friends. They always go camping, swimming, running together! Check out their adventures below!

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Oh my god he’s so happy!~

Area Dog Fired from Security Job

A local dog was let go from his security guard position after just two weeks on the job, according to sources close to the situation. DRP Protection Services, an area security contractor, has staffed up recently after winning a contract to provide security for a large, suburban construction project earlier this year.

“Frankie was a good dog,” said another newly-hired member of the security team, who asked to be identified only by his last initial, M. “He had the look, but I don’t think he really had the disposition.” 

M told The Fluffington Post that Frankie often goofed around at work. 

“We’re supposed to be doing rounds and he’s over here getting belly rubs or chewing on his foot,” said M. “It was only a matter of time until he got canned.”

DRP could not be reached for comment, though a want ad for a security guard appeared on Craigslist late yesterday. 

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Video by WWF Norway

2015-litter of the Letjenna pack. This winter the whole pack is in danger of being killed on the annual wolf hunt. The pack has never been in conflict with humans, but becuase of the high numbers of litters last year, several packs are listed for the license hunt of 2016/2017. 

SIGN PETITION to show your support for the Norwegian wolves! There is strenght in numbers.