Area Dog Hates Visits from Grandma

Bo the dog is usually a pretty good sport. He’s super laid back, hardly ever barks and has only been known to chase a squirrel on one occasion. But there is one thing that really chews him up: visits from his grandma.

“She just treats him like he’s two,” said close friend Anita Chenai. “But he’s not. Here’s three now. He’s an adult.”

That’s true – the dog turned three at a wicked cool Scooby Doo-themed party last month. He’s been allowed to go to the dog park on his own, sleep on the bed without supervision, and his food is even being left out all day.  Yet in spite of that trust, his grandmother still treats him like a puppy.

 “It’s always, ‘Bosey-wosey’ this and that, like he’s a baby,” said Chenai. “On walks, she won’t even let him do his business without standing there the whole time! It gets him really worked up.”

Bo is planning to move out on his own as soon as he’s saved up enough money.

Via bowieblitz.

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