We all lost a meme on January 19th… Gabe the dog has passed on to that great dog house in the sky. He will forever be missed by all of us; Meme makers, Meme connoisseurs, and doggo lovers alike.

Many are afraid that Gabe’s death will become the next Harambe Meme, that his death will turn into nothing more than one cancerous joke.

I say this is not true, Gabe’s death will be mourned by all of us. We will all genuinely miss Gabe and therefore, his death won’t be able to become a joke, because every time we see a picture of him, we will think sadly and fondly of all the good times we had with him. We never knew Harambe, we never saw Harambe until after he was dead. His death WAS the joke.

Gabe’s death will NEVER be anything but a travesty upon the internet. With Gabe, we laughed, we cried, and we always had a good time. But alas, like all good things, Gabe’s life, and his beautiful, wonderful, amazing bork, ended forever.

Death and it’s cruel selfishness may have taken Gabe out of our lives, but I assure you all this: it will NEVER take Gabe out of our hearts. Gabe will ALWAYS be with us and we have to make sure of that. Spread Gabe’s message and his work so that the smiles he brought to all of us will be passed on for generations to come.

This is NOT the end of Gabe, this is just the beginning…

Rest in peace Gabe, from all of us…