These are WIPs but I’m sorry and not sorry at the same time because drawing homestuck means getting homestuck out of my system but it also means drawing homestuck.

Also I think I may have made an AU- or at least I haven’t heard of another AU like it??

Puppetstuck Or Marionette stuck idk right now

The players are marionettes and the sprites are those really shitty-plush marionettes and I did alpha kids with it because why not

The other one is just Gamzee playin a piano with spooky candles or somethin

Might do the rest of the characters as marionettes might not
Same with other trolls with instruments because I keep picturing Nepeta with a Trombone and it’s just adorable ;v;

Again- I’m sorry but not sorry at the same time


They all look so silly, just hanging there, in the wall.

I feel like I need to make them all, but I’m broke, I just have enough money to eat, take the bus and pay the giveaway.

I don’t know, but it’s great to woke up to a bunch of dorks, and even talk to them when I feel lonely, I mean, who doesn’t want to talk with karkat when you are sad? who doesn’t want to chill with gamzee, and rap with dave, or even just look at how cute terezi is, and vriska and roxy, roxy most of all, what a hottie… man, just grab them and made them make out is great.

I may have to sell them or something at some point, even my 10th Doctor puppet, and the mayor, and man, who dosen’t love the mayor? that guy is pure charisma.

So, the big question is, whould you ever be intrested in having one of those lill motherfuckers? and not just homestuck, I mean, no mather the fandom (I can even make sloths for fucks sake!), will you be willing to have a puppet of your faves?

My Friends Need to Leave me Alone...

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What’s the term for a puppet fetishist? Seriously, I’m asking this. I honestly need to know, so I know what to call Dave’s brother. Because he most certainly is one. Either that, or a five year old male who sets fire to clothes on mother’s barbecue.

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And my assumptions are proven corrrect. You call it ironic, I call it truth. He is a puppet fetishist. This is proven by the way the blue puppet’s ass glistens, likely with that single tear let out from the owner as he realizes how terribly scorned his love is…

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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!!! I’m sorry, I couldn’t feel right ending this one without putting in Nannaquin’s zappage.