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Amando was nervous as he was walking towards Xion’s apartment, worried that she’d feel annoyed by his visit. But he had something he had to get off of his chest when it came to her. Once at her door, he took in a deep breath and let it out, gathering up his courage to knock on her door, his knuckles rapping against the wood.

The two fakes who held more value than the real ones.

It was just another normal day, this time he was in the city relaxing, removing himself from the stress from daily work and living, honestly, being a doctor, while instilling him with a very good feeling of fulfillment didn’t do him so well whenever he had sick patients come in with all sorts of different problems they didn’t know about so that he had to figure it out. Hoping to take his mind off things he went into the local record store, he liked music and while not too hopeful, was wishing for copy of Solomon Burkes works, his last copy broke when a patient went mad and stormed into his clinic over something petty that the knight had nothing to do with..

Honestly the things people did..

Heading in he looked around it was a quaint little store and one he was unfamiliar with, so he decided to ask for help, approaching the young slender, black haired girl he smiled and asked. “Umm could you help me look for some records? I’m not too familiar with this place and well I don’t want to cause you a mess.” He said with a smile, being considerate trying to make her work more easier for her. 

Where we stand

I glanced at the clock hovering over the teachers head, the big hand was unforgivingly far away from the Number 12, and I didn’t want to waste the last fifteen minutes listening to the teacher ramble.

I noticed Xion out of the corner of my left eye, she was engrossed in the school work the teacher had handed to us, but I could tell she must’ve felt the same way as I did. 

The teacher turned his back to write some notes on the board, so I leaned over slightly and prodded her shoulder, grabbing her attention. “You ok? you seem kinda distracted when you’re not wrapped up in class work.”

An unexpected first meeting.

{ ♞ » }   Roxas had barely got of class when he had noticed the time. A quarter to two. It was almost to start his shift at the record store. Might as well start heading there now, right? It’s not like he had enough time to head anywhere else anyways.

Of course, he did make a quick stop to his own apartment, mainly to drop off his backpack and books. Naturally, that did include changing into his work clothes before he decided to leave. Before he knew it, the blond was already walking down the familiar path to record store. With a quick 

[ 6:30 P.M. ]

Bright cerulean hues flickered over to the clock, just as he noticed the hand on the clock move. It looked like his shift was finally over for the day. “– I’ll see you tomorrow then." He stated to one of his coworkers, Demyx to be exact. 

[ 11:05 P.M. ]

Honestly Roxas needed a break from all of the studying he had done earlier. Once his shift at the record store had ended, of course. He needed something to get his mind of college. A quick visit at the local bar would probably help in clearing his head from all these stressful events. With that in mind, the blond headed over to the bar, wondering if he should invite Axel as well or not. No, he’d probably be there or something later in the night.

Days of the Organization

I stood outside, in the cold, harsh, windy rooftop, in the world that never was. I was sent here for Reconnaissance, to collect any data on the Organization and their plans. On any other day, I would shrug it off, and get it over and done with; tonight, however, I was meeting up with a…. friend, from the inside of Organization XIII. I was expecting her any minute, and I was starting to get impatient. 

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Xion wondered around town at the light of full moon, as the stars gleamed in the sapphire sky. She was almost invisible in the dim light, her raven hair, black coat and sapphire eyes, hiding her checkered dress underneath.


Tsukuyõmi Nozomi, the deity of the moon. Was walking along the streets headed back towards his home. He just got off of a contract and wasn’t going to deal with anything else for the rest of the night. Well, to be honest, getting off of the contract is a weak way of saying it, he was actually fleeing with an injured arm. Also, he’s more likely to be stumbling instead of walking.

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Today was actually a quiet day…What a miracle! Garry was completely exausted from all the work he had been given at the museum.

Ugh…Finally a break…..

Since it was already chilly outside, the purple haired male put his coat on and went outside, grabbing his pack of ciggarets. All this work made him stress…What if he wasn’t good enough? What if he was trying his hardest and it still wasn’t enough? These were the thoughts that ran inside Garry’s mind, somewhat making him anxious.

Ever since he started to work at that museum he got anxious…After all, even when he still wasn’t working there, he had that horrible experience.

I wonder how she’s doing right now….

Shaking off those thoughts, the male noticed someone staring at him and he looked to his side, seeing a girl a few meters away, just staring.

“Hello? Do you perhaps wish to go inside? The exhibit today is free so you can go, if you want~”

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Name of your muse: Riku

One picture you like best of your muse’s face:

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

1)    Riku is one of those people in high school that kinda wound up in almost every art class available, somehow someway.

2)   Riku is a bit of a music snob.

(I know these are lame…but I couldn’t think of anything else.)

Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

1)    reading/writting

2)  Dance practice    

3)    Making sculptures

Four people that your muse loves (platonically or romantically):

1)   Kairi-romantica;ly and platonically

2)     Roxas- platonically

3)      Sora- Some romantic feelings but he kinda represses them

4)      Xion- Mostly platonic but…

Three fond childhood memories:

1)      he used to go out with sora and kairi to watch the stars pretty much every night

2)     his grandma reading the hobbit out loud to him before bed every night((sorry the lotr nerd mun is here))

3)     Sword ‘practice’ with sora and tidus as kids 

Two things your muse regrets:

1)     .distancing himself from his friends because he thought he wasn’t good enough for them

2)      the one time they got high and wound up utterly sick.

One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save:

his friends

Tag ten people to do the same thing: