New people follow a pair of minuses.

『Huh ? Someone is following me ?』The boy turns slowly and look back into darkness. 『Who’s there ?』He asks without hesistation.

My Favourite Character (Closed with puppetfromtwilight)

Amando was nervous as he was walking towards Xion’s apartment, worried that she’d feel annoyed by his visit. But he had something he had to get off of his chest when it came to her. Once at her door, he took in a deep breath and let it out, gathering up his courage to knock on her door, his knuckles rapping against the wood.

The two fakes who held more value than the real ones.

It was just another normal day, this time he was in the city relaxing, removing himself from the stress from daily work and living, honestly, being a doctor, while instilling him with a very good feeling of fulfillment didn’t do him so well whenever he had sick patients come in with all sorts of different problems they didn’t know about so that he had to figure it out. Hoping to take his mind off things he went into the local record store, he liked music and while not too hopeful, was wishing for copy of Solomon Burkes works, his last copy broke when a patient went mad and stormed into his clinic over something petty that the knight had nothing to do with..

Honestly the things people did..

Heading in he looked around it was a quaint little store and one he was unfamiliar with, so he decided to ask for help, approaching the young slender, black haired girl he smiled and asked. “Umm could you help me look for some records? I’m not too familiar with this place and well I don’t want to cause you a mess.” He said with a smile, being considerate trying to make her work more easier for her.