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maskedtranslatinganon  asked:

Based on the 4 chapters you've read, how do you feel about Chibiusa's character as it's presented in the manga vs the first half of R in the anime?

Generally, I’m enjoying it, and I think probably more than the anime in many respects, though I’m not sure it’s a strict apples to apples comparison.

Chibs is older in the manga, for one, at least as I’m seeing her. Chibi-Usa in the anime in R was about five or six, I’d guess. Still a baby, really. That she acted her age never bothered me too much. I have tremendous affection for Chibs in R, including her more irritating moments. What I mostly see is her being a terrified child in unthinkable circumstances doing her best.

Chibs in the manga is already in fourth grade, so about eight or nine. Around what I consider her to be in S and SuperS, in other words.

And it’s Chibs in S and SuperS where I begin to find her more grating. And even then usually only when restricted to Mamoru and Usagi’s orbit. When she’s focused on Hotaru, for example, no problem! But the minute we get to the attention struggle with Usagi over Mamoru, my patience flies OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW.

The manga doesn’t really have that as a thing right now. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s not interested in it, or if there isn’t room for it, or the audience isn’t there for it. Whatever the reason, I’m totally happy with it not being a factor and hope it stays that way.

Chibs on her own consideration, not as compared to the anime, is so far garnering a lot of sympathy from me. I really did like her sending in Luna-P and giving Usagi the Tux Puppet to make her feel better. That was one of the sweetest, more genuine things I’ve seen out of the manga so far.


Ive finally actively started searching for pieces for this cosplay, ive got the bowtie coming in now. I really want a photoshoot with Erin and Miska at AFO because I adore black/white color themes.

Now all we need is someone with the Felt Duds and we have all the Puppet Tux Daves!