puppet tim

when people think all stop-motion is tim burton

when people think all stop-motion is claymation

when people try to exterminate your non-human family


Jeff was admitted after he was charged with 3rd degree murder. At the trial, they charged him not guilty by reasons of insanity. He was sent to the psych ward shortly after.

Ben was found by a lake, his father murdered. He claimed he was dead, mumbling words like “majora” and “Ben drowned”. He was taken to the psych ward about a week after.

EJ was found in the woods, eating the organs of the cult members that removed his eyes. They was taken to trial and just like Jeff, was deemed not guilty by reason of insanity. He’s the next Hannibal Lecter.

LJ was found at a house stuffing a child’s corpse with candy. He was automatically transported and evaluated, then admitted.

Tim went through a major relapse. After he met Alex, he started going insane. He went back to the doctors, and they admitted him immediately.

Brian was at the old hospital, beating somebody to death with a rusty pipe and filming it. He claimed that the video footage showed the operator, yet nothing was there.

Toby was found directly after he murdered his father, right before he would have faked his death. He would be taken to court, and found with the same charge as Jeff and EJ.

Helen was painting with the blood of a corpse by his canvas, just painting smiles. He was then taken to be evaluated and admitted shortly after.

Puppet was strangling someone when he was found. He was taken to court as well, found with the same charge. He didn’t disagree, he was too terrified to do anything.

20 October 2017 - Just wanted to do that last Robert and Lawrence scene

[Home Farm with Robert and Lawrence]

LAWRENCE: I can’t believe that any of my family are buying this Plot at all?! It’s so absurd. I’m exempt from this obviously because you and I share a deep connection that transcends the Plot, but Lachlan he’s suspicious. #LetSerialKillerLachlanRise What were you doing with that camera anyway?

ROBERT: I was watching of course.

LAWRENCE: Me? It wasn’t just about Tim?

ROBERT: *Puppet Master Mode Activate* I’m always on the outside of everything. Wow that was way too honest, better amend that. What I mean is that even you are doubting me and I murdered a man for you Larry! That’s the kind of bond we have! I…I think I have feelings about stuff. #AaronSaveMeFromMyself


ROBERT: That’s the question isn’t it. Let me be brutally honest with your for a moment under the guise of sarcasm. Because I feel nothing for you. Because I can’t stand you. Right that’s enough of that. Back to Puppet Master Mode. Remember that thing about me killing a guy for you! I’m gonna milk that for all it’s worth! We just…we can’t help what we feel, Lawrence. #GiveMeMyOscar

LAWRENCE: *Robert Revelation Face* *Heart Eyes*

ROBERT: *I feel way too uncomfortable under the gaze of anyone but Aaron’s heart eyes so now I have to go Face*

LAWRENCE: Don’t go! I hate it when you’re not here. Which is basically never because you keep finding some reason to be here and I should totally be suspicious of that but I’m #BlindedByLove

ROBERT: Great! Another reason to stay! *This is too easy Face* *Forces self to touch Lawrence’s shoulder so he’ll really get the message*

LAWRENCE: *This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me Face*

ROBERT: *I’d like to thank the Academy and my hatred for myself and the entire White Family including my unborn child and the loss of THE Aaron Dingle for inspiring me to perform this role Face* #IsItChristmasYet? #AreWeBackTogetherYet?

musiclover1001  asked:

I was wondering if I could get a hc for the CP's reactions to someone who was going to attempt suicide before they broke in and tried to kill them. So, basically their views on suicide.

((Sure! And thanks for asking me something!!))

Jeff-of course, he would have second thoughts. If he was about to get caught, yes, he would still murder them. Yet if he had no chance of getting caught, he would leave them be.

Ben-he would change his mind then and there. He knows what it’s like to be almost pushed to that point. He would watch them from that point on, making sure they stayed okay.

EJ-he would still take the organs, yet would hesitate before killing them. Jack doesn’t have much sympathy, yet would still think twice.

LJ-he knows what it’s like to feel abandoned. He would change his mind then and there. He wouldn’t poison them, but would instead just give them regular candy. He would do everything in his power to cheer them up.

Tim/Masky-he would stop cold, just staring at them. He would start stalking them afterwards, keeping an eye out for them.

Brian/Hoodie-he would run off, and try and forget it ever happened. Eventually, he would come back, keeping a camera on them at all times.

Bloody Painter-he would eventually make a point of ‘running into them’, trying to keep a friendship with them as to keep an eye on them.

The Puppeteer-he knows what it’s like to be lonely, and to be driven to suicide. He would stop in his tracks, eventually coming back every night. He would leave out puppets and dolls around, each one stitched with a smile.

Toby-he would be confused as hell. ‘Do I kill them? But they just tried to kill themselves, which is clearly a bad thing. Should I just leave? Or do I help them? What?“

Fairly accurate size comparison between Coraline puppets and Corpse Bride Puppets

The one on the left (Pepper, my character) is 7" tall–the same height as Coraline–while Victoria, on the right, is 15". She was probably 17" tall in the film, but it’s still a good reference for exactly how much bigger the Corpse Bride puppets were than any other stop motion puppet at the time


The adorable (though obnoxiously cheerful) puppets used in Tim Burton’s 2005 masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These photos are the salvaged/restored props from the scene being displayed at the traveling “Art of Tim Burton” exhibit. To see these little guys on-screen, click here, but be warned; it is not safe for those with pyrophobia or a weak stomach. I myself cannot watch the scene all the way through.

- Mod Rat

The Gypsy puppeteer, Tim Blaney, talked in an interview how difficult it was to move Gypsy’s mouth just after she dropped into a scene - he needed both hands to control her moving down steadily. So he resorted to some type of wiggling - I don’t remember how he described it - to move her mouth until he could get his hand back into position to do it.

So, the new Tom and Crow puppets each got like two or three people working them, but the giant puppet that now is inexplicably hanging off the ceiling still only gets one and it sounded like it was still a pain in the ass to operate (possibly harder than the original puppet)… Yep, sounds like they really streamlined the fucking Gypsy puppet, there.

ahaha one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire world is seeing Tim Burton credited to any and every stop motion or 3d craft puppet style ever.

a: Tim Burton has only made a very small handful of stop motion films (and i’m not that fond of his stop motion directing style, tho a lot of the technical work in corpse bride was impressive [emily’s dress], he seems to kinda focus on weird things when it comes to stop mo)

b: Henry Selick is the guy you’re thinking of most likely. He’s the guy who did Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, etc.

c: Tim Burton’s style is actually vastly different from most everything I see attributed to him (like my plushes, most stop motion movies that he didn’t do…. and funny enough Edward Gorey, as i’ve seen people accuse gorey of being a burton rip off LOL)

 This is a super literal transition from his drawing style to 3d with no concept refinement (I really love vincent btw :U;; )

this is his style after other artists have redesigned, cleaned up, streamlined and (in frankenweenie’s case) “disneyfied”  (both films made at three mills studio. Laika is the studio behind Coraline, Box Trolls, Paranorman, and then there’s Aardman doing all of the wallace and gromit, chicken run, etc., and Henry Selick’s own studios that generally change names with w/e project he’s on [like skellington productions], plus many others that are not tim burton’s very limited selection of stop motion that he somehow gets credit for the genre for :U)

idk I get the tim burton comment a lot on like… anything I do because I like creepy stuff and stop motion so it’s kind of a “Arghghghg” point for me :u (that and I feel really weird for every other stop motion director, animator, puppet designer, etc. when tim burton gets credit for lit every single stop motion related thing in history)

(I’m a huge fan of his movies, tho more his older movies, but man man man I actually cringe every time I see his name put on anything remotely stopmotion)

Honestly if you had no idea that Johnny Depp was abusive there is no reason to feel bad about liking him before or pretend you hate his movies but it is important to not support him now. 

Also let’s be real Johnny Depp was a great actor now he’s a Tim Burton puppet nobody wants that anyway.

Fuck dude.  GamerGate hashtag is going nuts.

The sock-puppet was a really bad idea.

I slept two hours last night, so I’m going to post this, go lay down and see if I can get a word in edgewise tomorrow but, I leave you with this aGG.

You made a group that is never more effective than when they’re angry, the angriest they have been in a long long time.  A handshake and a conversation may have ended this, 

Say, over Coffee? 

 You’d have even come out ahead.  I heard contentment creeping in to alot of voices.  Jokes being cracked with humor’s sake.

Instead you mocked them.  Worse, you mocked them with another lie, to their face.

The consequences are going to be real, and harsh.  Not in blood or violence, but in Public opinion and frankly, dollars.  This is going to hurt, and you deserve it.

That was one expensive sock puppet.