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After experiencing trauma, a boy struggles to escape the sudden force corrupting and consuming his world. As he runs throughout his childhood, the aftershocks continue to increasingly drain the vibrancy out of his life until he can run no longer.

I’m really glad to finally being able to share Run online! I’m super grateful for all the support I got from my fam and friends while making this cool little film and I’m beyond amazed at how far it’s taken me 🎥

theyofgoldenblood  asked:

How about the axis and the allies as teachers in a high school?


America: I.T. teacher who’s a total rookie. He’d be the cool teacher everyone wanted to have - you wouldn’t even have to call him ‘sir’! However, the elation of having a relaxed teacher would wear off. Turns out those lessons students were allowed to skip and the times he didn’t know what he was doing would catch up to them. America, though wanting to do the best for his pupils, wouldn’t really know how to teach them properly due to being new. Though he’d be everybody’s best friend, he wouldn’t be their best teacher.

England: English Lit teacher who thinks he’s superior. Being so knowledgeable on his subject, England would pass down mountains of information to his students, not realising the level of detail at which he taught them was far too high. Fortunately, he wouldn’t be too strict - forgiving of mistakes - but he wouldn’t be relaxed when it came to misbehaviour and poor effort. He’d think his teaching style was perfect, given all the good grades his students got, and so would believe himself to be the best teacher in the school.

France: French teacher who has his own curriculum. There would be only one language France would want to teach, and that would be the ‘language of love’ - unfortunately for his students, the syllabus wouldn’t agree. Though he’d be surprisingly competent as a teacher, and would manage to help his pupils learn even the most difficult parts of grammar, he wouldn’t teach them what they needed to know for the exam. He wouldn’t do it out of malice, he’d simply want to give them a better knowledge of the language than the textbook could.

Russia: Substitute teacher who treats everyone like kids. Pupils wouldn’t know whether to love him or hate him. It’d be as if he sees all children as being the same age, and so treats them all exactly the same. No matter how old his students were, if arguments broke out, the threat of puppet therapy would always be lingering over them. As well as not knowing how to treat the pupils, he would be a jack of all trades and master of none, meaning he wouldn’t be the best at teaching any single subject - but then, what substitute teacher is?

China: Food teacher who’s super strict. His exacting standards when it comes to cooking would make China almost draconian in teaching style. Though he might start off the year gently, this would fade in a few weeks. Soon enough, if it wasn’t perfect, it wouldn’t be good enough for him. Students would likely cook in fear, but when they got their dishes right, they’d see China’s more pleasant side, being praised to no end for meeting his excellence. Surprisingly, they’d leave at the end of the course with high grades and happy memories.


Italy: Art teacher who’s really encouraging. Being as skilled as he is, Italy’s students would assume that he would look down on them for poor art, but they would be very wrong indeed, and very happy about that. Italy would praise all art, good or bad, and try to inspire and encourage pupils when they felt they were going wrong. His advice would always be helpful and never mean, forming a class of passionate artists who would always compliment each other and work together whenever they could, such would be his positive influence.

Germany: P.E. teacher who intimidates new students. All the new pupils, even if they weren’t in his class, would be thoroughly frightened by Germany and thoroughly confused by the elder students’ friendliness towards him. Though after a few lessons, they’d realise why. Even though in appearance and manner he would seem to be a drill sergeant, Germany would be almost on par with Italy in encouraging pupils to do well. His lessons would be tough, but he’d want the best for his students, evidenced by how well he treated them.

Japan: History teacher who is shy but knowledgeable. At the start of each year, Japan would likely be a stuttering mess, unable to communicate properly to his students. However, once he’d warmed to them, they’d find he was an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable yet able to distil the information down to a level they could understand. He’d do his best to pass on his curiosity for other cultures and other histories, inspiring his students to read about what interested them outside of class and become better learners because of that.

Welcome to Freddy's, Damien

Otherwise known as a brief bit of backstory to give you some meat on them bones.

They said he was born glowering. An angry expression on his tiny face that so intimidated the doctor that he was immediately handed over to a nurse without so much as a declaration of ‘It’s a boy!’; his mother thought they were joking until she saw him herself.

Damien Woods was born pissed off and in need of an ass to kick.

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I keep picturing Kurt and Blaine back in New York as husbands. They still have fights and both still see therapists. After one really big fight Kurt heads to his appointment and just unloads on his therapist. They recommend that Kurt and Blaine try to see things from the other’s POV more often and try to sit down calmly and discuss things.

Blaine comes home to Kurt sitting on the couch with the Kurt and Blaine puppets he made. Kurt gestures Blaine to sit down and hands him the Kurt puppet. They proceed to use them as part of their therapy, sometimes they have their own puppet. They have the puppets talk to each other, they use the puppet to talk to the other person or even just talk to the puppet themselves.

They come up with rules about when they can interrupt and it ends up being really helpful. Sometimes they even break out the puppets for silly conversations. 

Side thought: At one point they have a really stupid fight that leads to sleeping on other people’s couches and their friends hold an intervention, Elliott hands the boys their puppets before whipping out his own and everyone then has puppet therapy. Blaine even gets requests to make puppets for other people because they see how well it works for them. Kurt likes to design the puppets new outfits every once in a while.

Sillier side thought: At their five year anniversary, Brittany insists all their puppets get married as well. Puppet Lord and Lady Tubbington officiate. 

Puppets PLL

Did anyone find it interesting that there were literally puppets everywhere in Charles’ dollhouse. The game room and the soul room.

There is only one liAr that has a puppet and has been talked about how much they loved puppets, Aria.

Seriously, that is a HUGE clue.

Pigtunia was featured in 1x01 and takes about. We’ve seen that puppet off and on the whole series.

Simone told Ezra about her puppets.

Malcolm told Ezra he had a good time at the carnival. Aria asked Ezra what he said and he told her “something about puppets”

Btw, some psychologists use puppets as therapy with children who have experienced trauma to help them talk about their feelings or what happened to them.

I haven’t quite figured all this other stuff out but I still think Aria is directly involved and we are getting close to her truth which will open up the whole real story of what reality happened that summer. And their childhood too.

Suits Recruits (S4 webisodes) - Playlist on Youtube

Or if you prefer, here’s the links to each video separately (uploaded by yt user pennyforaname):

  1. Patti! (Harvey/Louis/Donna)
  2. Last Call (Mike/Harvey)
  3. The Maltese Thumb Drive (Louis/Katrina)
  4. Please Hold (Donna)
  5. Anytime Minutes (Mike/Rachel)
  6. Shine On (Jessica/Louis/Harvey)
  7. Puppet Therapy (Harvey/Louis)
  8. Angels (Louis/Donna/Jessica/Rachel)
  9. Time Capsule (Louis/Harvey/Rachel)
  10. Lunch Psycology (Mike/Amy)