puppet service announcement


So yeah this has been bugging me for a while. This applies to both Anons AND other artists. While i am on tumblr not as long as most others are (For me its about 2.5 years) i saw this very early but never wanted to adress it directly.

The Ego of other people.

While some people here are very welcoming, but the majority is very self-centered and doesn’t give a fuck about artists that just started out.

I had to feel that myself. when i started out drawing nobody wanted to give me advice and nobody cared. I tried to reach out to other artists for advice but usually got rejected or simply ignored. while i do understand some artists are on a very busy schedule you should not rage at people who do not know that. instead of raging at them you could have helped them in that time.

Now the problem : Many self-centered people think they are the spawn of some artist-god and blessed with powers beyond human understanding.


i met alot of artists who thought that thier art gave them some kind of special right to treat other people like some sort of second-grade humans. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE ANYONE ELSE! keep that in mind! on my time here i got told several things simply because i DISAGREED with better known artists. Im not going to call out any names here since this is a service announcement and not a rant!

Things i have been told for simply disagreeing :

“Fuck yourself”

“Kill yourself” (Wich is NOT FUNNY IN ANY CASE)

“nobody gives a fuck about you”

“you are fucking stupid”

and so on. as soon as you disagree with a view someone has youre the ass and everyone wants you to be “Cosiderate” of other people while you just wonder when somebody is considerate about you?

fact is : If you want other people to be considerate about yourself, be it about other people too. Otherwise shut up and take it like a man.

Also the asskissing problem :

i know many people who don’t give a fuck about you unless you give them attention 24/7 and shove one piece of fanart in thier ass after another and giving them a cult-like appreciation for thier work. DON’T DO THAT! IF ANYONE WANTS “WORSHIPPING” FOR THIER WORK SIMPLY IGNORE THEM! You can appreciate artwork without worshipping said artist. also remember that ART DOES NOT REFLECT THE PERSONALITY OF THE ARTIST. An artist can draw cute stuff and be the biggest asshole on earth or draw bondage and rape and be the coolest dude that even space is cozy and warm compared to him. I got accused of “Circle jerking with famous people” myself wich is bullshit. Just because i don’t want to be ultra-close friends with you in the first two minutes doesn’t mean i hate you or anything wich brings us to the next point :


You should never ask artist personal information about him/her if the artist is not comfortable about that. Never look for stuff like Real names or such since our names on the web are called “Artist names” for a reason. if we wanted to tell you our real name or adress we would do so. Harassing people is NOT okay! you can talk to someone without being an asshat or bugging that person every awake second.

And now the most important thing : TALK!

If you got a problem with someone or something TALK TO THAT PERSON INSTEAD OF BEING A PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE ASSHOLE!

You think giving “hints” helps people? You are ignorant. If you got a problem talk about it. Hiding it wont solve it and being passive-agressive about it only makes the other person feel fucking bad about themselfs. So face your problems and be a man/woman and not a douche.

and another thing :

DIFFERENT OPINIONS ARE NOT OFFENSIVE UNLESS THEY ATTACK SOMEONE! SAYING YOU LIKE SOMETHING ELSE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON! There is a difference between “I prefer vanilla to strawberry” to “I hate every black person on earth” so use some common sense. not everyone has the same taste in everything and some things are better kept secret.


thats all. thanks for reading.