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✨☁️WIP of our new workshop in Stop Motion !☁️✨ Soon a new film ! And new gifs of our little baby TOMOO ! Can’t wait to show you this little man moving!

We’re working very hard (very very hard) with @valentinevendroux, @giannibouyeure, @antoinefrohlich, @salomehmn , and @nathanaelsonn !!! (I’m so happy to be able to work with them, a very great team !)

🇯🇵🍙stay stunned !🍙🇯🇵


Posting some more tiny Shinji drawings from last week.

If I ever have a pet hamster again Im gonna name it Shinji

When an Instagram calls your drama club out on having a “Low Budget Audrey 2″, even though the plant is one of the best operating high school-production Audrey 2s that I have ever seen…

(The image is from my friend’s Facebook account, just as a reference to the plant (The rude Instagram post has been deleted, but you can still find the account if you search for it))

The caption of the Instagram post was making fun of the “kindling” and to “not light a match” near it. However, if you imagine the whole picture, it is, in fact, not kindling, but vines. The whole premise is that the plant has taken over Mushnik’s flower shop. 

As someone who has watched her friends slave over that puppet for months, it breaks my heart to think that someone can just jump onto social media and rip it apart in less than 30 seconds.

Please share this post. Stop supporting accounts like this that anonymously spread hate about hard-working groups of people.

Honestly, if you’re going to make fun of anything, make fun of how we need to clean our stage!