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underrated potter puppet pals things: snape singing about how he misses his one true love, who is now dead and never going to be his, a cupcake

this was written before the whole ‘snape loved lily’ reveal btw

The Signs as Miraculous Ladybug Akumatized villains

Aries : Lady Wifi

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Taurus : The Puppeteer

Gemini : The Mime

Cancer : Horrificator

Leo : Stormy Weather

Virgo : Rogercop

Libra : Kung Food

Scorpio : Timebreaker

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Sagittarius : The bubbler

Capricorn : Dark Cupid

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Aquarius : Antibug

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Pisces : The Evillustrator

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DHMIS 5 ANLYSIS (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5)

I think for my take on it, it represents how the media always advertise their own food as healthy and each different industry has a different perspective on which foods are healthy and which aren’t. Like for example on commercials they say “only 100 calories!” Yet they neglect what’s really in them and how much you should eat, because calories is different from what’s considered actually healthy. So It shows the pizza as healthy and the egg and carrot as unhealthy, which isn’t true at all, and then one of the puppets says that pizza isn’t healthy and you are better off having white sauce, which another puppet discards as unhealthy as well. If you look at their “food pyramid” as well in the video, it is completely messed up and all over the place just like the information the food puppets are spouting. They are all saying different things while enticing you to eat their products even when you aren’t hungry. And then the bird puppet is starting to question the other puppets maybe representing the actual Health department trying to say “wait what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense” and when the bird puppet is being “examined” and torn apart by one of the food puppets, it maybe represents that the bigger industries have more power so they shush the health department up so it doesn’t leak to the general public of what they are saying about their food. And the yellow puppet, representing the general public or consumers, is getting confused about what’s healthy and what’s not, so he just eats everything he could even though he wasn’t hungry in the first place. But even though eating a large amount of “healthy foods” they say will help his health, in the end just makes him obese with the help of overconsumption and false information by the media, which today, especially in America, is a huge problem, and it is why there is a much larger amount of obesity in America. So in the end what I got from this is you can over consume ANYTHING not just unhealthy foods, and the information that the media says is not always true, do not listen to what the advertisement says is healthy, I suggest do some research first and eat a good amount. Just my take on it though I don’t know if I am actually right! If you have any other theories please tell me I love hearing about the theories of these amazing videos!!