puppet court

  • bruce: [finds a gotham of total anarchy and chaos caused by kids who want to take justice into their own hands and don the symbol of robin]
  • bruce: [finds the government a puppet of the court of owls who are in turn rooting for blood and destruction. they have their eye on dick again too]
  • bruce: [realizes alfred's been helping the robin movement and/or recruiting them by dressing up as creepy old man with a wicked mustache]
  • bruce: [finds his kids working together closer than ever with some additions to the family]
  • bruce: [talia is back from the dead with a chance of fucking some shit up after damian's departure]
  • bruce: [jimbats]
  • bruce:
  • bruce:
  • bruce: okay but like

Puppet Court: Local News Uses Puppets to Cover Trial (by WSJDigitalNetwork)

When cameras weren’t allowed in the corruption trial of a local official, a TV station in Cleveland, Ohio decides to re-create the courtroom drama using real testimony, and puppets. WSJ’s Doug Belkin reports.

Dear Anonymous,

You could say he’s worse than Wright in a way.

Justice was so easily manipulated.  He was led along by the nose by the sham he so idolized, never once with an original thought in his head.

You desire proof?  If you know of my “famous downfall”, as you so put it, then I’m sure you’re aware of my traitorous brother and that ancient judge chiding me on their beliefs on what law is.  Justice said nothing.  He knew nothing.

A puppet in court.  How dangerous.

-Kristoph Gavin