This is Puppet. He loves corn, and this is his face when he doesn’t get the golden goodness. You can feel the betrayal. (He had a few pieces of corn at Thanksgiving once, and now throws a cat tantrum every time he sees it.)

Friendly reminder that your favs would probably be dead if sakura wasn’t there.

She saved your homeboy puppet loving Kankuro from a lethal unknown poison

She even healing your homeboy Garra

Damn she be saving all of the Sand Village.

Lets not forget about hinata after pain stuck a rod down her body.

Or when shikamaru was about to see Jesus

Or When pre 698 sasuke stabbed your fav in the heart

Or when she saved this cute little girl

We can never forget this moment

Even your fav senpai

Omg your favorite otp at once OMG


Damn there must be thousands of these sakura saving Naruto moments.


Hmmmmmmmn yall smart asses still got something to say?????


Jack keeps thanking us for being such an amazing and supportive community. Honestly, that’s true. There might be some speed bumps in the way every once in a while but usually we get through them, together, as a big extended family. Jack says we’re so positive and try to lift others up instead of tearing each other down. I wanna spread more positivity in this community.

If you wanna participate, reblog this and tag 5-10 people who mean a lot to you in this community and tell something nice about them. You never know when someone needs your beautiful message at that exact moment.

I want you all to know that you mean a great deal to me but I can’t for the life of me remember all your @’s.

If you get tagged, continue the train of positivity!

@marielgum: Such a talented beautiful human being. I love seeing your edits and other posts on my dash. The few times I’ve chatted with you have been so nice. You seem like a super nice person :) Keep doing your amazing work!

@viostormcaller: I remember Jack said that one of the best things he has heard is the fact that we have made new friends ‘cause of this community. You’ve become an amazing friend of mine. Thanks to Anti and screaming about theories :P It’s always so nice to chat with you.

@steffid101: I love the theories that I always find on your blog. Thank you for giving me few words of courage. I really needed them. I’ve always been insecure about my language skills. You seem so nice! :)

@wholesome-pasta: My fellow Finn here on Tumblr. It’s so nice to talk with you almost daily. You’re a sweet person and damn talented. Those drawings are so cooool. Thanks for helping me and listening to my stupid problems :P

@painofbeingafinnishfangirl: Another Finn! We are gonna take over the world! :P Your Gifs and captions are always on point and it’s been super nice to talk with you! Lovely person! :)

@chase-brody-protection-squad: My favorite Protection Squad. Always quality content on that blog and you mods are so nice and welcoming! You’re doing an amazing job protecting our boi Chase. Keep up your amazing work!

@no-strings-puppet: I love your crazy and great theories and besides theorizing, you seem like a super cool and nice person! :) One of my favorite theorists on Tumblr. Anti theories and memes and a nice personality. Could you ask for more? :P r

@ everyone in this community:

AN imposTer In your home
A deceiver iN your head
The monster that’s behInd you
ANd underneaTh your bed
don’t belIeve his lies
there’s blood now to be shed 
but you only pay AtteNTIon 
to see your bAby dead
i am Now The puppeteer 
I control the strings
i Am the oNe in charge
make Them jump through rIngs
you love to wAtch my puppets daNce
you love To hear theIr screams
but when i reAlly start the show
you woNT lIke whAt it briNgs
you claim To care so much about
the ‘orIginAl desigN
buT you dIdn’t even notice
thAt it was me for this whole time
waitiNg for The day when I could finAlly arrive 
aNd make Them suffer one by one 
rIght before your eyes.


Cos if you’re not looking then you’re never gonna find it.
And if were not trying then were never gonna fly this
but you don’t have to say it

The Eden Project - Gone

Yeah, I know I make a lot of redraws right now. I wanna proof myself that I aimproved. So bear with it ;) (but I am working now on a non-redraw haha, be happy xD)~

been waiting for this kind of question since i started this blog but now that someone has asked idk what to do so

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This is a hard question. I’ve read tons of KilluGon fanfics and they’re all amazing, but I usually bookmark those that gave me so much feels so here are some:



Seven Minutes

Accidents x On x Purpose

Lights Out

On Whale Island

A ‘Need to Know’ Basis


Stop and Stare


Getting to the Point

Smother Me

Report x Card

Date Night

Killua’s Back



Kiss Me Better

Divide by Zero

ice cold

Unlikely Friendships

Irreversible Darkness

Something Simple

You Do Realize That This Is Pretty Gay Right?

Something More

hundreds of ways to wish a happy birthday

wouldn’t it be nice if we were thinking the same things

Another Day (Another Door)

Four Fifths 

Shot x Glass 

Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy

then there’s you

Touch x and x Breath

Prodigal and The Prince

one hour

Be my Valentine? 

Better Mornings

Against the Storm

may we meet again

Bindings Unbinding

sunshine eyes x and x starlight soul

Starry x Night

Heart x Beat

To Be x With x You 

If x We x Got x Married


In x Experience

The Birds and the Bees

Focused x on x Me

Sugar Rush

Celestial x Cartography

The Bells Are Ringing

Come to Me

The Soulmate Phenomenon

The Adventures of House Husband Killua

Are x You x Ready?

thus, with a kiss, I die

After x Glow

Motor Scooters and Gelato

29 Missed Calls from Killua Zoldyck

We Ain’t Ever Getting Older


Of Red Roses and Cheap Chocolates

Sleepover x At x Wing’s

Do x You x Love x Me?

The Time is Out of Joint

Tricks of the Trade


Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy

Clearer x Skies

Dating This Entire Time


The Language of Loneliness

The Little Things

Skinny Jeans and Khaki

Black Butterfly

Two Sides of the Same Coin

One Hundred

StartedXThere, EndedXUp Here 

You call it Luck, but I call it Fate

Pop Culture Prepared Us for This

Carp(e) Diem

After the fourth time



A Flower Named After You

Fire x And x Water

Eyes x and x Ears

If My Heart Was A House

Touch and Taste

The Predatory Wasp

Wrong Cinderella

Just x To Get x High

The Light in Shadows



Years and Years

Learning x and x Earning

Another breathless moment

The Uncertainty of Breath

Is It Okay To Stay By Your Side?


Learning to Fall

Down the Rabbit Hole

Always landing on their feet

Of Dresses and Boarding Schools

Who Do You Like?



Damage x Control 

gon princess carrying killua

First Times

Love is Strange

My Universe

Times Like These

shimmer in your shine 

the hormonal high schooler’s guide to falling in love

Raining Cats x and x Dogs 

Oblivion x And x Light

The Answer


no sugar no cream

it’s damn slippery out there 

Four Walls

Pictures for me

Of Sungods and Moon Children

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I finally met you

Telling the family

Blue Valentine

Kissed a Girl

No Longer a Puppet?


What X Love X Is

A Little Wish Can Go A Long Way


Held x At x Gunpoint  

Happily Ever Never

A King With No Crown

I’m Not Done With You Yet

To Catch A Shooting Star

Beauty and the Beast 

Falling For You

One Thing At A Time

6 Times Killua Had Cried

Vampire x Hunter

Coloring Between The Lines


Hooked On You

Zombies, Among Other Things 

The Home We Made

First Times

Freshman And Milkshakes 

NEW ONES (04/01/17)

DNA (Audio-Fic)

31 Days With You

Sanhitori City

Words That Water Flowers


Hunting X For X Bruises 

Miraculous x Hunter