“The Mysterious Ticking Noise” 10-year anniversary edition


Who else has been in the Harry Potter fandom long enough to remember the first time The Mysterious Ticking Noise showed up to blow us all away (haha!)? We can’t believe it’s been ten year since this masterpiece entered our lives…! It is a dear ambition of at least two of us to recreate this skit with cosplay sometime, is that something you would like to see? :)


Hello!! This is my first Milex comic and it is pretty dumb but I hope you enjoy it anyways haha!! Ooh and a quick thanks to @sorethpid, @coloureddays and @florakinesis for the encouragement hehe!!

you know what’s my kink? people not forcing their ocs to see through evil characters’ manipulation just cause they’re the bad guy. like my dude you think it’s easy to see through a character that’s been twisting the scenes since the dawn of time? nah, nah, nah. and there’s no shame in your muse defending the evil character if they are blind enough to not know what they have done. treat your muses like fucking people, with human nature in their system. please and thank you.

“Sock Puppets” | Directed by Dan Attias

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to join Inside the Actor’s Studio: HYH Edition, care of Sara’s undying love for Carrie Mathison.

The therapist scene is fairly uninteresting from a directorial perspective, therefore the small choices matter. On the surface it is a simple one-on-one dialogue scene in which both actors are seated and facing each other. Attias chooses a stark, grey background and black clothes for Carrie. This is not a warm, fuzzy therapist’s office! It’s meant to feel clinical. Notably, almost all the shots are from the therapist’s perspective so the small differences such as the length of the camera from Claire are certainly intentional. (An easy parallel is Carrie’s video to Franny in “Why Is This Night Different,” in which the shots were almost all direct and very close to Claire’s face.)

In this shot, Carrie is talking about Franny. Attias positions Carrie in the center of the frame in a medium shot. Carrie’s feelings, at this juncture anyway, are not in question. The shot is uncomplicated and balanced.

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Jackie: “Crybabyyyyy, where are youu? Come out, come ouut!”

Jackie was wandering around the Guild house, trying to find the Banshee they called Crybaby. She spent most of the time invisible and hiding in the shadows. Locating her could be a struggle. Like Jackie, Crybaby was fascinated with toys and hoarded them like a dragon. That was why she’d become more close to Jackie than anyone else. She would sometimes invite her for tea with her and the toys. For some reason she’d also taken a liking to Coyboy, and seemed to follow him around everywhere.

She found her in the kitchen having a silent conversation with Puppet.

Jackie: “Where’s my cutie patootie? There you are! Look what I got for you.”
Crybaby: *Excited*
Jackie: “You like it?”
Crybaby: *Nods*
Jackie: “You want it?”
Crybaby: *Nods twice*
Coyboy: “Would you stop buying more toys for her? She’s drowning in them.”
Jackie: “I’ll drown you in your own piss if you don’t shut up.”
Puppet: Children. If you’re going to have another brawl, take it outside, please.”
Jackie: “No need! *takes Crybaby’s hand* Just ignore the mean boy. It’s not his fault, really. He was born half-baked.”