“Is your character a puppet?”


I’ve been seeing a lot of Puppet JJ’s floating around (including a magestic sock puppet), so I thought I’d join in! Also, I was really bored in maths so I decided to draw puppet boi. I haven’t been doing much traditional art lately, I haven’t even touched my pencils in forever, but it was fun to get back into it 😁.


                                          Batim and Fnaf

don’t mess with bendy.

I just wanted to do that, I found the idea fun hohoho ♥

god i love wikipedia

clarification: I highly doubt Sia is voicing White Diamond. I don’t believe Steven Universe half-hour episodes are titled with part one or part two in their names, also, the episode hasn’t even aired yet: Why would Sia be revealed to play White Diamond this early? Plus, it’s Wikipedia. Don’t get excited.


My Audrey II cosplay for this year’s A-kon. I was only there Friday, but so many people wanted to take pictures with her! Totally worth it!!

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Might be taking this to Arlingcon June 30th. 

If you have pics of her, please tag/share with me!!