Unexpected shipping, yeah?  sorry for those who believed that Chicko was gay (????)

Name of pairing is Pupcko or Chippet (?) because i can >8D I see Puppet as male but i made an exception (?)

Yeah, i like drama so much, always expect drama from me … the story behind this draw it’s that Puppet and Chicko are separated, someone forced Puppet to make her partner (Chicko) believe that she loves another man (if she refused, Chicko would die) , Chicko didn’t believe that and still tries to reach her. Can you guess who’s eyes are those and who’s behind this? It’s Franny (Female!Freddy), she wants Chicko for herself Oh… and Chicko’s blind because he fought with Bonnie.

well i got around to making  a second puppetsona for myself. Meet Zavier. 

What to say about him? He is a huge fucking Nerd okay he really is, instead of doing what he was made to do ie be a play thing for children, he sits in the attic and reads books on magic. He isn’t super social and is awkward as all hell and most times he will retreat to various corners and attempt to hide. 

He is genderless but he is alright with He/they anything else and you will most likely have a book thrown at your head. 

the X  is from the one time he let himself be played with by a child who ended up taking sissors to his face.

look dontyoufourcheddarboutme

{do not tag as kin or me please, respect me as an artist and a person}

Lewis Puppet v2.0

Heya everyone, it’s report time!

So first off, me and the crew are still tinkering away at the next project.

As we rapidly approach the 10 million(!) mark on the original Ghost video, we are hoping to get more information out to you guys soon, though I can’t really give out any real specifics until we feel like we have something worthy of showing all of you.

Ghost was always designed to be a one off video, given that no one would have predicted how popular it would have gotten.  Many of the assets created for Ghost were designed with that in mind, with not much consideration for reusing things in the future.  Character puppets in particular were light on features, mostly there to serve as a base to build on top of and graft on random, chunky assets as things progressed.

In order to better future proof the characters, we had artsyfeathersartsyblog go in to refine the design slightly while professional puppet creator chloepoisonhearts worked on a pro-grade rigged puppet.

We’ve finally got Lewis’s puppet where we wanted it and can now show everyone, though I wanted to sort of talk through the changes to give everyone a behind the scenes look into the thought process of what exact has been adjusted with Lewis v2.0.

Here’s some side by sides of New (Left) and Old (Right) Lewis.

The changes aren’t terribly dramatic but there are certainly key differences.

-The legs are now slightly longer.  The top heavy design was definitely meant to be there from the start, though looking at it now he reads a bit stumpy.  We evened up his proportions to make him a bit sleeker. 

-The feet also got thickened a touch with some slight hints of depth in the toes to make them read a bit stronger.

-The ribs got a overhaul.  My original version of the ribs were a bit… bulbous, as I was trying to account for their functionality as they turned.  They’ve been given a more clearly defined shape and depth to them so that they are a bit more threatening looking (as opposed to the sausages that were the original ribs.

-His arms are a bit more beefy now.  It’s weird looking back on the old one and seeing exactly how friggin’ tiny I made the upper part of the arms.  The plates on his gloves got a bit more depth to them as well.  Also, somehow his hands got slightly BIGGER from the old version(???).  Oh, also sleeve buttons, because hey, there was a lot of empty space in this arms so why not?

-The glow on the hair has been reformatted into a graphics symbol based Softened Fill Edge from what was once a Movie Clip based glow filter.  Long story short, this is to make his hair way, way, WAY more stable in Flash, because Movie Clip effects can introduce a lot of shenanigans, especially if you are doing a lot of zooming in or resizing.

Here is what the wire-frames look like (again New (Left) and Old (Right)).

Under the hood, the new puppets have been given some proper joints for the limbs, where before they were just straight up stiff, single shapes.  The lines of the old version were converted to fills, hence why the new outlines are more chunky looking.

Oh… and due to popular demand….

Actual back poses!

The mystery of what his ribs look like from behind is now officially solved!

And that just about covers things.

At some point, we will be revisiting Arthur and Vivi’s puppets to give them similar tweaks and adjustments and we will show them off when they are ready as well.

In the meantime though, I leave ya’ll with something that’s been a long time coming.

A fully spinning Lewis~


For those of you keeping track, his height is exactly the same as before.  That has not changed.


The heart is still a thing, but for the sake of this display we don’t have it on him yet.


Reworked the preview images because I forgot how bloody tiny Tumblr makes images that are a certain sizes. Blurgh.


Marik stands in for me this month in our Loot Crate unboxing video for August.

Special thanks to BoobsMcBalrog and Marianne Miller for their help filming

If you think Marik is cute here, check out the creator’s store - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeamiesBuddies