PROMPT - Sebastian Stan x Reader ‘Jealous’

REQUEST: 4.     “Pfft…I’m not jealous” Sebastian stan (Anon)

(Hello again lovelies! I hope you are all well! My my, I could have guessed it, but Bucky/Sebastian is seriously almost all of my requests! Not that I am complaining, I love that boy! Hope you all enjoy this! I love you!)

#4 - ‘Pfft…I’m not jealous’


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You were biting your lip as you looked at your lap, the curled up bundle of fluff snoring peacefully as you ran your fingers over their ears. Sebastian was going to kill you. But when you’re best friend had said her neighbour had found a box of abandoned puppies, and they’d taken them down to a rescue centre, you couldn’t help yourself from just having a look. And just having a look had resulted in the fur baby you’d adopted now sleeping on your lap.

 “Let’s get your shots darling, and then we can get you some thing’s hmmm?” You place the sleeping puppy in the crate strapped in beside you driving off to the vets, spending a few hours to check the health and give her all her shots, before driving to the shops and buying a bed, a pink collar and lead, and a few toys and plenty of food, yawning when you realise it’s getting late, and Sebastian is meant to be Face Timing you soon. Setting up a little den for your new baby, you play with her, giggling as she chases the ball, as you hear your laptop start ringing for your boyfriend.

“Mummy needs you to be quiet for a second, okay darling?” You kiss her head sitting her in your lap out of sight, pressing answer to the video call.

“Took you long enough sweetheart” You hear the teasing in his voice before the screen even shows you his face and you teasingly roll your eyes back.

“How was shooting today?” The two of you converse about how his most recent roll is going, not realising your eyes keep flicking back to, as Sebastian sees it, your empty lap repeatedly.

“Um….baby? Not that I don’t love that area….but why do you keep looking at your crotch?” You watch him chuckle softly, a wave of confusion crossing his tired face.

“I-I-I know you’re away, and we said we’d wait till next year, but –“ Your speech is cut short from a little bark, your darling demanding back the attention you’re giving your boyfriend. Sebastian’s eyes go wide as you hold up a jet black Labrador puppy, who insists on giving your face a wash as you let out a little giggle at the feeling of her little licks on your cheek.

“Baby, we said we’d wait till we got a house! I’m 1000 miles away from you right now!” You know he’s not really mad but you can’t help the sigh that leaves your lips.

“Seb, she’s a rescue. Elizabeth’s neighbour found a whole box of them, and I only went to see them I swear, but this little darling wouldn’t leave my side….and I mean, you can’t say no to this face can you!” You do the biggest puppy eyes you can, holding up the puppy to the camera, who barks happily wagging their tail at the sight of Sebastian, who can’t help but chuckle at the sight of the two of you.

“So what’s the name of this new lady in my life now hmm?” He smiles at the warmth that spreads in his chest at the sight of glee on your face as you kiss her head knowing you can keep her.

“I was actually waiting to name her with her daddy.” You grin at the goofy look on Sebastian’s face at the name, the two of you quickly stating all the names you can think of. After 20 minutes you see Sebastian rubbing his eyes sleepily, the two of you unable to agree.

“Maggie” Slips past your lips before you even realise, earning a gleeful bark from the puppy also sleepy in your arms, to which Sebastian chuckles at.

“Maggie it is, it’s the only one she’s reacted to.” You giggle kissing Maggie’s head, nestling her close to your chest, almost rocking her side to side, without realising it, which you receive a snort of indignation from your boyfriend miles away. 

“She better not be taking my spot.” Your eyes fly wide at what Sebastian mumbles, realising he hadn’t meant to say it out loud before you can’t stop laughing.

“You are jealous of a puppy!” You can barely stifle the laughter long enough to get the sentence out as Sebastian blushes deeply.

“Pfft…I’m not jealous.”

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