Gossamer Chrysalis: Ruby Slipper

Photos by Patrick Haines  AnimalMagikPhotography

Austin TX 2015

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I met Ruby a few days ago and we had an interesting shoot, all indoors as Austin had decided to turn cold (well, cold for Austin) and shooting outdoors would be prohibitive, and miserable. This series was one of the last we shot, but turned out to be the most fruitful. Ruby was talking during the shoot about her taking a different tack on her life, and while she wasn’t ‘retiring’ from modeling and art, she was definitely refocusing her priorities.

A chrysalis is usually the hard shell a pupa creates to protect itself as it transforms into a butterfly or moth, the gossamer fabric is Ruby’s chrysalis.  She is on the verge of this stage of growth, but instead of showing her entering the shroud, I decided to show her emergence from her gossamer casing; awakening a reborn woman.

Spring’s coming, and some of our smallest, cutest butterflies will emerge first. This is a frosted elfin (Callophyris irus). As a caterpillar, it eats and grows, enters a pupa stage, and then… pauses, letting the winter sweep over it. As soon as the weather’s nice again, it bursts out, spreads its tiny wings to their full glorious 1-inch span, and takes to the skies.

Halloweenstuck AU

Troll Halloween costumes

John- Nic Cage
Rose- Ursula (the little mermaid)
Dave- Too cool for costumes
Jade- Gnome
Jane- Mustache man
Roxy- Sexy schoolgirl
Dirk- Rarity (MLP)
Jake- Jake Sully (Avatar-blue people)
Karkat- Hockey mask man from FT13
Aradia- Indiana Jones
Tavros- Pupa Pan (DUH)
Sollux- Dual processing chip
Nepeta- werewolf
Kanaya- Marceline Aberdeen
Terezi- A cop
Vriska- Spider-Man
Equius- Rainbow Dash
Gamzee- A bedsheet ghost
Eridan- Harry Pottet
Feferi- Bollywood belly dancer
Kankri- No costume (because it’s offensive to intrude on others culture)
Damara- Sailor Moon
Rufioh- Natsu (Fairy Tail)
Mituna- a bee
Meulin- Coraline
Porrim- Marilyn Monroe
Latula- a rocker
Areana- Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
Horrus- a Steampunk
Kurloz- the Other Wybie (Coraline)
Cronus- “sexy” Pirate
Meenah- Nicki Minaj (Calls it “Nicki Minnowj”

anonymous asked:

mam niebieskie oczy mieszające się z kolorem szarym, jestem wysoką blondynką, widoczne wcięcie w talii, duże piersi i fajna pupa, trenuję piłkę i nożną i ręczną, gram w gry, sądzę, że jestem interesującą osobą, ale nie wiem, lubię czytać, gotować i inne różne takie, podobno ładna i miła... bierzesz czy bierzesz?



Today we join the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders in astonishment at the golden mesh marvel that is the cocoon of the Urodidae moth. Also known as “false burnet moths,” these small to medium sized moths spend their pupal stage in unusual and incredibly beautiful open-mesh cocoons, which are sometimes suspended on a very long thread below a leaf.

"This type of cocoon is known as a "open-network cocoon" and is unlike other cocoons in that it doesn’t completely enclose the pupa in silk. Instead, it only partially surrounds it, likely enabling better airflow to control for humidity and may help prevent fungi from growing on, and eventually killing, the pupa. This cocoon very likely belongs to a moth in the family Urodidae, which is known for making this type of lattice-structured cocoon surrounding its pupa."

Click here to watch a video about these amazing structures.

Photos by Jeff Cremer, click here to view more.

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