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Puppy - Nathan MacKinnon

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“Babe, come on! This way!” your fiancé grinned, leading you by the hand into the shelter.

You laughed and gave him a grin. “I’m honestly surprised this isn’t reversed. I’m the one who flipped when you said we were getting a dog.”

“Well, I’m the one who told you and decided we should.” he reasoned, grin still plastered on his face and his eyes shining bright. “Dogs are just cute and adorable. Man’s best friend as well as women’s.”

“And I agree.” you said, pecking his cheek. “Come on. Let’s start looking.”

He nodded and held your hand as the two of you start looking into the different kennel areas. Each dog seemed to either be asleep or watching the both of you with a lot of intent, tails wagging.

“Can we not, like, adopt them all?”

Nate giggled. “If we had the space, we could, but we can only get one for now to get used to it. We can decide if we want another in a year or so.”

“Fair enough.” you smiled, looking into the kennel at a mama dog with some puppies. She was a Pit Bull- Chocolate Lab mix according to the paper on one of the bars. Her name was Ellie and her six pups were Rocky, Jack, Rosie, Willie, Luca, and Lilah. Jack and Willie had already been adopted, it seemed. You looked into the kennel and noticed a puppy with a stubby tail and a pink ribbon around its neck. The puppy was brown with more floppy like ears and looked a lot like her mother.

“Babe, come take a look at this one.”

Your boyfriend looked over to where you pointed at the pup. His eyes widened.

“Oh my god, she’s so cute!”

That seemed to get the puppies’ attention. They lost focus from their mother and ran immediately to the chicken wire that separated the sides, sticking their little muzzles out of the holes and yapping at the two of you for attention.

You grinned and knelt down. “Hi there, little cuties! Hi! Oh look at you!”

Note nodded and knelt down with you. “They’re so precious!”

You stuck a few fingers into one of the holes and instantly the puppies started to sniff. The little one you and Nate had been admiring even started to give it little tiny puppy licks with her teeny tongue and nuzzling your hand with her head and you only fell more in love with the pup.

“She likes you already.” he grinned.

“I know!” you exclaimed, failing to keep your excitement in. “Babe, we have to get her. We just have to. She’s so adorable!”

Nate nodded and asked for a volunteer to come over. “Hey there.”

“Hi.” he smiled. “Having any luck?”

“Perfect luck, actually.” he assured. “We’re actually very interested in that little pup right there.”

The guy looked. “Oh, you like Lilah, huh? Well, follow me. I’ll show you to Rob and he can help you.”

“Thank you.”

You grinned and followed him and Nate to the office where a man sat in a chair, going through files. “Sir?”

He looked up and smiled at the two of you. “Hello there. Good to meet you. The name’s Rob. Rob Johnson.” he said, shaking your hand then Nate’s. “I’m the head here at the ASPCA. What can I do for you?”

“Hi, I’m Nate and this is my girlfriend, (Y/N).” Nate said. “We came here looking for a dog or a puppy to adopt together and we found one.”

“Ah how exciting!” the man across the desk grinned. “Who is it?”

“Lilah, sir.” you piped. “One of Ellie’s pups. She’s the one with the stubby tail. She’s so adorable!”

“Ah, little Lilah. She’s a cutie. Can’t blame you. So, this is the little one you want to bring home?”

Nate nodded. “Yes, sir. Where do we start signing?”


About a week later, you found yourself being led out of the shelter by an excited, happy pup on a leash. Lilah, for how young she was, was still a force no matter how small.

You giggled “Alright, Lilah! I know you’re excited sweetie!”

“Very excited.” Nate grinned. “She’s so cute, babe!”

“I agree.” you said, reaching the car and unlocking it before picking up the pup and holding her as you got into the passenger’s side. “Here we go, sweet girl. We’re going home! You’re coming home with us!”

Lilah yapped and started to lick your face, causing you to grimace the only way dog kisses made people do. With every ounce of love in their heart, but disgust towards doggy breath.

“Okay, Lilah, that’s enough. I know! We’re excited too!”

Nate looked over at the two of you. “Ready?”

You nodded and held Lilah as she calmed down, sitting in your lap while you pet her short fur. “Ready. Let’s go.”

Puppy Love (Part four)- Dean Ambrose x reader

You made it to the three month mark and you were thankful it was almost time to see your pups.

“You comfortable sweet heart?” You heard Seth’s voice enter the locker room. You were sitting down in a lounge chair the company brought along especially for you. “Yea Seth, thanks for asking,” you said smiling up to him.

“Do you mind if I just hang out with you? To make sure nothing happens?” He asked. You and Seth were the only ones in the room. “You can stay, yea. Did he really send someone to watch over me?” You asked laughing. Seth sent a devilish smile, “Oh no, Dean didn’t send me. I just haven’t seen you in a while since he keeps you on locked away from us.”

“Well he does that for good reasons,” you stated. Seth shrugged and sat on the ground beside you. You poked him, “you know there’s benches you could sit on?” Seth looked up, “nah, I’d rather sit here.” “Whatever floats your boat Seth.”

Roman entered next, “Seth why are you even here?” Seth shrugged, “I dunno, I just wanted to talk to Y/N.” Roman shook his head, “Nah you don’t, you just wanna convince Y/N to let you name one of the pups.” Seth growled, “So, I have good names picked out!”

You started laughing over the petty argument. Dean came in and didn’t go ape shit on anyone for being near you. He kissed you and went to shower. Seth basically had his tail in between his legs the whole time while Dean was present. Roman whispered, “why didn’t he snap at you Seth?”

Seth shrugged and looked to you, “why didn’t he?” You had no clue but you gave an educated guess, “maybe he believes you guys were watching me for labor pains?” Roman nodded, “makes sense.”

After three minutes Dean came out fresh and dressed. The pups always moved so much when their father was in the room with you. You placed a hand over your tummy and felt the flutters. Roman looked to Dean, “Can I feel the pups?” Dean rubbed his wet moppy hair in the towel, “Yea sure. Be careful.” Roman stood by your chair, “where should I touch?” You grabbed his hand and placed it at the top of your stomach, “you feel them?” Roman waited for a minute, but nothing, “no not really.”

“Oh honey!” You called to Dean, “I think the pups are afraid of their uncle. Come over here to show them it’s ok to jump around.” Dean chuckled and walked over, “move kiddos! That’s just uncle Ro, he’s harmless..sorta,” he smirked. You felt the flutters start again. You saw Roman’s face light up, “whoa! There’s gotta be two small pups in there! They’re strong!”

Dean huffed, “just like daddy!” Seth smirked, “Oh god, we don’t need more Ambroses.” You sighed, “I think we do.”


That night you tagged along with the boys to the woods so they could let loose and run. You decided you wanted to watch the excitement from the car, you got out and sat on the hood. The boys shifted into their feral wolves and ran off. Occasionally one of them would pop back up from the brush to see if you were ok.

It was getting to be 3AM and you decided since you couldn’t leave you would sleep in the car. You sat down in the seat and leaned the seat back. You closed the car door and tried to position yourself in a semi-comfortable position for the night. You checked your phone one last time before going to sleep at 3:07AM on the dot.

You jerked awake at 4:30AM with a sharp stab in the stomach. “Owww fuck!” You breathed out. You turned on a ceiling light in the car to see your pants and the seat beneath you were wet. “Damn it, fuck,” you panicked. You opened the door and slowly got out. Once you stood a contraction hit you. You doubled over in pain, “why do you guys have to come now?!” You asked the pups.

Pain. Pups are coming. Lots of pain.

Dean stopped chasing a wild squirrel as he felt your stabbing pains. He also had that physical connection with you; your pains were sometimes his. His messy tail wagged as he tried to contain his excitement.

A long howl was released. And in that howl was a happy message that both Roman and Seth received and rushed back to Dean. The three alpha wolves ran back to the car hoping you didn’t run off to find them. They reached you; you were sprawled across the ground on your back grimacing.

“Hey fl-“ another stab jerked in you, -uffy, can’t you guys turn back?” Dean shifted back, the other two followed. Dean got up and popped the trunk open to grab a duffel bag full of clothes. He grabbed his pants and shirt; he threw the rest to Seth and Roman.

“Ok, Roman, you’ve delivered pups before, right?” Dean asked sitting down beside you. Roman nodded, “once before. I’m rusty. So uh Seth, help.” Seth wide eyed and confused nodded, he knew that he wasn’t much help, having never seen a pup delivery.

“Just- GET THEM OUT!” You screamed. Dean shushed you, “we gotta be quiet baby girl. We don’t want humans to know that we have a very pregnant woman giving birth to hairy pups. That shit ain’t natural to most.”

Your eyes turned a shade of yellow and you snarled at your lover. Dean raised his arms away and backed away. Roman laughed, “she doesn’t wanna hear your shit right now!” The two men pulled your pants off, cautiously.

Water and licks.

Dean stood up and tried searching the car for a spare water to give you. He grabbed one and walked back over to you, “I’m sorry, but drink this,” he opened the bottle and raised your head. He tilted the bottle to your mouth and you chugged it all. “Feel better?” He asked innocently. You continued to growl at him, “why did you do this!”

Dean ignored the question and kissed your forehead. You melted under the kiss, and grabbed him to pull him into a kiss of your own. You jerked from the passionate moment when your contractions became closer and closer. You reached for Dean’s hand to squeeze or break.

I smell blood.

You were pushing now hoping something would happen. “Fuck it feels like my hips have broken into a million pieces!” You said through clinched teeth. “Ro is she okay, I smell blood?” Dean asked concerned. Roman nodded, “yea! Without much effort from mom here she almost has puppy number one out.”


You gave another hard push and screamed in agony. Roman gently grabbed the pup out. Seth grabbed a towel and put the wet whimpering pup in it. “Dad, will you do the honors of cutting the first pup’s cord?” Roman asked holding up a pair of scissors. “Yea, yea,” Dean said moving down to the ‘sterile field’. He grabbed the scissors and cut the cord quickly.

“It’s a girl!” Seth chirped, “what are you gonna name her?”

Dean didn’t have to think, “Shiloh.” You looked up towards the men and nodded, “that’s such a pretty name honey.” Dean scooted back up to you, “and you can probably guess who told me the name.” You smiled and held his hand again, “fluffy,” referring to the wolf.

Seth gently rubbed the dark brown fur of the pup’s dry. He had to fight back the urge to coo and cuddle it. He tried setting the pup down in a nest of unused clothes to keep her warm, but when he did she howled out to be loved. Dean snapped, “the pup wants to be held Seth, hold her!” Seth quickly grabbed the pup up, “sorry little one.”

“Ok, momma, push when you feel the contractions,” Roman said holding onto your knees. “O-okay,” you let out, you were so weak and fatigued. After several minutes of waiting you felt the familiar stabs again. “Oh holy shit,” you said as your stomach muscles tensed. “Push,” Roman kept quietly chanting.

You gave out a defeated grunt, “I can’t!” You started to cry as Dean cupped your face, “You can, you have to. There’s no other way we can get this pup out. Just try.” You groaned into another push. “Hey, I see the head!” Roman proclaimed.

You howled an awful scream and gave it your all and it felt as if you were tearing all of your muscles as you pushed. “Stop! I can grab it from here,” Roman said as you relaxed. He grabbed the pup and pulled the rest of the way. Seth looked down at the little girl he had, “I’m sorry little one I have to put you down.” He put the pup in the nest of clothes and it howled for touch again.

Seth grabbed the wet pup and waited for the cord cut from Dean. Dean cut the cord and dropped them. “So what’s the-,” Seth peeked at the genitals, “BOY’S name?” Dean looked to you, “the wolf didn’t tell me a name.” You smiled, “mine did. His name is Ash.”

Seth dried off the light brown fur, “Oh Dean, he looks just like you! You got yourself a mini Ambrose!” Seth extended a finger to touch the pups nose but when he did the pup lunged and gummed his finger. The pup made a pathetic baby growl. You gasped, “Oh my god! That’s daddy’s boy to a T.” Dean giggled like a child at the sight, “see, ready to fight at any second.”

Seth laid the pup next to his sister, and Ash didn’t make a sound. Shiloh was still howling. “Give them to me!” You demanded. Both pups were wrapped and handed to you. “Look at you guys,” you said touching their little ears. “When do they turn human?” You asked. “Well around two or three months of age. Maybe later,” Roman answered. They both opened their young eyes and stared at you. This was the face, voice, smell, and touch of their mother. Dean wiggled his finger in front of his son’s face, “you gonna bite me little shit?” The pup only licked his finger.


Your little family was now settled back in at the hotel. The other pack members came in to visit and to congratulate you. “You and Dean make some A-DORABLE pups!” Sasha piped. Everyone took their turns to visit you by bedside. Once everyone got a chance to see you, they left. The Usos hauled in your new transportable crib, “from all of us, we wanted to give you this wicked crib. Now they can go to snooze town all night..hopefully “ You thanked the brothers and they left.

You gave the pups their last feeding and put little diapers on their butts and handed them to Dean. He held each pup in a hand, “Ash, Shiloh..” he said as he cooed, “you both are daddy’s and mommy’s world. Everything daddy does out there in the ring is for all of you. This life on the road might be a little hard. But I promise we’ll get home soon. I have a long break coming up. But between then and now, you better behave!” Shiloh stuck her tongue out. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed. He put the pups in the crib and locked the bars. “Pups are secured. Hopefully no one will cry because of poopy pants,” he laughed getting into bed.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles.

Dean nuzzled into your neck to give you a kiss. “Your scent is stronger than ever,” he smirked. You grinned, “You too mister, musky pine wood scent.”

“You’ve made my life complete. Within such short amount of time I found you, I claimed you. You had pups. And here we are,” he said playing with your hair. “Your welcome,” you said yawning, “can we sleep now before the pups whine about poopy diapers?” You cuddled into his chest and closed your eyes. And like many other nights, your calming scent lulled Dean into a deep sleep.

This bonnie wee statue sits on the seafront by the harbour (and in front of a decent wee pub), in Portmahomack, Ross-shire.   It has been restored in recent years as the salty air had played havoc with the iron-work.

It marks the very first running water that was piped to Portmahomack and to the pup Gill’s delight and my wholehearted approval, it is a somewhat flamboyant dog drinking bowl. Now that’s getting the priorities right! :)


Brain Dump from this morning – Been thinking about :  ‘Whats up men’ pup by Charlotte Mei, Pikachu Peace Pipes by Weed Craft, Claes’ Burgers, Bimo and Ape Escape.

Crash Down || Parlie

Pup leaned back on the couch, his pipe in his hand and a fresh batch in a bag on the table. It was the first time he’d been able to have any since he didn’t know when. The high came like a soft blanket and his could feel himself falling through nothingness. It felt as though every problem was gone. He took another hit, then another. Each time, pulling more into his mouth and letting the smoke out slowly. His eyes rolled back in his head as he closed them, just letting the feeling take him away. He couldn’t feel his breaths slow or his heart beat a bit less. Slowly, he let the pipe fall to the floor and let unconsciousness take him.