pup with a new do

Wonderful Christmastime

Could you please do a cute Christmas request with Gee and it’s Christmas morning, and the dogs and cats are running around and he has his black PJ’s on and a Santa hat and a goofy smile. And literally treats you like you’re the world. Something like that please? I love you! 💕

Christmas imagine where Basement Gee buys y/n a puppy to help her cope with her depression

So like with all my fluffy stories, this is a bit shorter than normal. But I still think this is pretty sweet!

The second prompt was kind of put in here, though the reader doesn’t get a new pup or maybe they do… you’ll just have to read! I just figured it went well because the first request has pups in it anyways.  (though ultimately I went with Danger Days Gerard for this one….)

I’m realizing that I’ve kind of played around with both prompts here (i.e; Gerard is wearing an elf style onesie rather than the black pjs… but I hope it’s all okay!)

Grasping at the sheets, you groaned in protest realizing he wasn’t there. Feeling his spot empty, you rolled towards the middle of your bed, tucking the covers closer around you as you tried to drift back to sleep. It could’ve only been a few minutes when you felt the mattress dip, something warm pressing against your face as you tried to burrow in your pillow, swatting in protest to get them to stop. 

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trained to do it
jikook for kookie-time and seasalt-lattae forjimin jiguk barkzimin cause yes im still jikook trash and i owe u guys some jikook writing haha 
210 words 

Jungkook rolls his eyes when he feels the soft furry ball of fluff tugging at his pyjama pants, looking down stern, a frown firm on his lips.

“Jiminie, you know that I’m not supposed to give you human food for breakfast.”

The small golden lab pup presses himself to the ground and whimpers, eyes huge and dark and wide, little paws pressed to the linoleum floor.

It takes a grand total of negative four seconds for Jungkook to crack, sighing and leaning down with a handful of cereal crumbs.

Jimin leaps forward and chows down, licking at Jungkook’s hand so much so that Jungkook laughs, cheeks warm as he sits down on the ground to pick Jimin up. Jimin gives an excited yip and licks Jungkook’s nose, paws wiggling, tail wagging so fast it might come right off.

Jungkook leans forward to nuzzle into the puppy’s tummy, cradling Jimin into his chest.

“You’re too spoiled,” Jungkook laments, fingers smoothing over Jimin’s velveteen ears as Jimin noses into Jungkook’s hand, licking at his palm again. The sound Jimin makes when Jungkook scratches under his chin makes Jungkook’s entire body go fuzzy.

He rolls his eyes hard and sets Jimin on the ground, “Fine, fine, you can sleep in the bed tonight.”

[is preparing to leave, late after school hours] Oh god. [walks out of his office, locking it behind him and his gaze lingers on the inscription on the door; whispers to himself] Principal…

[turns on his heels and jumps when he sees your character] …What’re you doing here so late?

keep practicing and i add monster kid and …what do we have here a new character??
is a small pup wearing black clothes … where do we see those clothes before?? could it be … he is related to 2 certain dogs we know?! well yes :3

now the question is what name to give to this litle boy here some names i got in my mind for him but well which one you guys like ??






Hey there people! Frankie here again, genderfluid they/them. 

Decided to take a selfie with my other dog this week since I submitted one with my new pup last TST.

Sidenote: I need to do something with my hair to make it more androgynous. if anyone has any ideas it’d be cool to hear them, my ask is always open.