pup swag

BTS Meeting a puppy:

Jin: *stares into the puppies eyes and picks it up, facing someone* I’m cuter then the dog right?
*person stares in slight horror*
Tell me I’m cute.
*he demands mercilessly*

V: *lifts puppies ears and starts flapping them* Fly and be free! *throws puppy toward bed* *gets disappointed when puppy lands and turns* You did it wrong! You fly like this! *imitates bird taking flight…. ungracefully*

J-Hope: *puppy tries to pick up toy too big for it* Let me help you! *picks up toy* *puppy tries to get it* But you can’t carry it… *gives into puppies eyes*

Jimin: *puppy pees on his foot* I JUST TOOK A SHOWER! *puppy poops on other foot* REALLY?!?!

Suga: *Suga stares at puppy in awe* The pups got swag… *puts dog in a snapback, hold chain, and shades* *nods head and walks down the street with puppy jamming out to ‘like this’ by wonder girls*

Rap Monster: *picks up a leash and turns back to puppy only to find it gone* Gosh darnit!

Jungkook: *plays with puppy* I’m the big Kookie and you are the little cookie!! *roars at puppy only to get bit on yhe hand* Owie! Okay you’re the big cookie!!