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Can’t draw now and not in mood to shitpost, so here goes this… version of Arya Stark inspired character. With a goofy wolf. Not really know how to draw them properly. 

Anyway. Draw this as a present for a really good person and now sharing. She is some kind of my view of Arya. Some kind of… possibilities. Not really an Arya lover personally (it is more like she annoys me a bit), but really like House Stark.

North remembers ;)
Even if my North is a different North, tho.

Cleaned up some sketches of Rein and his pup, Archie! During his free time, he would take her out on walks, but since she’s so spoiled (Rein gave her a tiara to wear omg), she ends up being carried in his arms instead.


The Starks:

Brandon Stark “the wild wolf”

Eddard Stark “the quiet wolf”

Benjen Stark “the young pup”

Lyanna Stark “the she-wolf”

The Starks at the Tourney at Harrenhal.

Sleepy pup

Hello! I’m back, so I suppose I should get straight into writing!

Pairing: Jack Maynard X Reader

Request: Yes

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: So I’ve seen Jack’s tweet about his lack of sleep and I was wondering if you can write a thing where he finally comes home after all this travelling and Y/N just takes care of the pup? :)


Lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon you cuddled up on the sofa in a fuzzy blanket eating chocolate, watching “Elf” since Christmas was right around the corner.

The sound of the door opening made you smile as you knew who it was.

“Hello gorgeous boy.” You said, Jack coming up behind you and kissing you.

“Hello my beautiful baby.” Jack smiled, but you could see he looked exhausted.

“Jack, babe why don’t we go to bed?” You suggested.

“I need to shower and edit my new video and I haven’t even started prep for next weeks video.” He began to ramble, something Jack did when he didn’t want to do what you said.

“No, your viewers will understand and that can all wait. You’re exhausted.” You said, guiding him to the bathroom. You started the shower and made him strip, before joining him and washing his body. You then washed his hair for him, and handed him a warm towel that you’d put on the heater.

“Thank you, (Y/N), I felt like a baby at first but I know you’re just looking out for me. I love you.” He smiled, kissing your forehead.“

"Jack, it’s nothing! I’m here to help you see that sometimes you need looking after. Now, pyjamas.” You said, ushering him to your shared bedroom to get dressed.

Once you were both dressed you lay in your bed, his head rested on your chest as you played with his blonde locks. He was half asleep, typing away on his phone.

“Goodnight, baby.” He kissed you, rolling over and locking his phone.

Your screen lit up with a tweet mention.

So lucky to have my princess in my life, she always knows when my bitching gets too much and to put me to bed😂love her more than anything❤️

You smiled as you read his tweet, rolling over and wrapping your arms around his frame.

“I love you Jack Maynard.” You whispered, pressing a kiss to the crook of his neck.


Sorry it’s short ahh! I hope it’s okay.

Have a lovely day/night!!

The Fallen: Things you didn’t know.

* A Kell or a high ranked Captain can have more than one mate. 

*Its rare for a Kell or Captain to have only one mate than many.

*Dregs do not have mating rights if they are not of high rank. *Gotta be a Vandal or Captain if you wanna be lucky bruh.*

*Eliksni offspring are referred to as either whelps or pups.

* A female Eliksni can have up to 1-3 pups.

*Pups sleep in piles curling up against one another to keep warm.

*When a mother is away on patrols she will either leave the pups to another.

* Females that have pups are separated from the House until their offspring is old enough to join in.

* When the pups join the House they are immediately start their training as warriors and put through a lot of tests.

*When the pups are not in training they play around and hoe their skills, sometimes they will chase after their mother, Vandals or a Captain that will tolerate their playful behavior.

* The Kell judges on the ranks of the pups will be placed in.

*Sometimes the Kell will allow the pups to climb on them to improve their climbing skills. But usually have a short temper if a pup starts to bite at them.

*There are some Guardians telling of Eliksni breeding with Guardians, making hybrids. Though this is just a rumor their has been very few sightings in the Cosmodrome of these hybrids. Two ‘pups’ had been spotted near the House of Kings being watched by their *possible* parent.

One of these two dogs fearlessly helped us corner and catch a fieldmouse in our house last night. The other dog pretty much slept through it, even allowing the critter to pass right under their nose while laying in their bed.
For entertainments sake please reblog or send me a message with your guess as to which dog is the hunter and which dog was lazy as heck.


Pup House will be performing our experimental shadow puppet digestive tract extravaganza Glut at Cake Frame 2 on 4/20.

There is also a live auction! I have donated some originals and all proceeds go towards the upcoming C.A.K.E expo.

There was a similar event last year and Lyra Hill killed it as an auctioneer. Also watching people get progressively more drunk and aggressively bid on artwork is very fun.