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Road Trip AU x UT Mob AU Crossover Fic : A New Gang

(Warnings: Sans x Frisk

Road Trip AU has Adult Frisk and Sans already in a relationship. So, if you’re not a fan of this pairing, I suggest avoiding this fic. XD)

Above are various scenes for the crossover fic I’ve been collaborating with none other than the famed fanfic senpai, @tsukithewolf !!!

Since about two weeks ago, Tsuki and I have been tossing ideas with her fic’s Frisk and UT Mob’s Little Pup ending up in each other’s universe! It’s been a blast for sure, and I’m excited to show finally reveal the resulting work!

Of course, Tsuki is also known for being a SansxFrisk writer, so there are some shippy scenes that I kept under cut.


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Questionable art night continues ft. ideas from both my coworker and the bae… 8′)

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if all of the main characters of all of your AUs met each other? (Ex. Tony, Howard and Maria from the Werewolf AU, all the avengers for Anthro, Mob Boss, and Monster)

Oh boy. Ooooh boy.

MB Tony would be so frightened of Howard and Maria, would beg the others not to let slip that he is… what he is, and his Avengers would be so sad and angry all at once. Monster AU Tony would be so jealous that he got a shit Howard and this one dotes on his little boy, why couldn’t he have that, why couldn’t his Howard be good too? Anthro Tony is aloof but cordial to Howard and Maria because Cats but he is keeping this tiny Tony. (Maria thinks this is hilarious because Cats; she knows that Anthro Tony will cede to her when push comes to shove and she can tell he’s just trying to be a little shit and aggravate his mates anyway, who look jittery but also excited because apparently this is going to be the door to asking about pups that they’ve been waiting for. Howard is confused and clings to his Tony in terror because he thinks Anthro Tony might mean it.)

Anthro and MB Natasha are kind of in love with Monster Natasha. She’s beautiful and terrifying and at one point she says “I have literally eaten a man” and it’s very hard not to squeal excitedly because holy shit they’re badass and terrifying in every universe but this universe is way cooler. “Tony bribed me not to eat him with soup,” Monster Natasha adds, and in the background Howard clutches his Tony tighter, but MB and Anthro Natasha just… need to take a moment to process this, why is Tony like this, why–

MB Bruce looks at the Hulk and then at Anthro Bruce and he is just… “WHAT IS THIS,” he says, loudly, with feeling. Hulk thinks this is hilarious and pulls them both into a hug. Anthro Bruce looks pained. “I would have to move heaven and earth to find an answer for you.”

Monster, Anthro, and MB Thor shake hands and slap each other on the back and then MB Thor leans in and wiggles his eyebrows and says something in Norwegian and Monster and Anthro Thor roar with laughter. They don’t explain no matter who asks or how insistently.

Anthro and MB Clint are kind of intimidated by how big Monster Clint is and how obviously his trauma is still affecting him. Monster Clint looks at Anthro Clint and is so very confused. “What the hell are you.” Anthro Clint is no longer intimidated HE WANTS TO FITE and MB Clint just sorta climbs on his back to keep him from doing so. Monster Clint herds all of the Tonys together (and Howard, because he’s not letting go for anything) and curls his wings around them and just… kinda roosts. With all the Tonys. “What the fuck,” MB Clint whispers.

All the Steves and Buckys are sticking in their pairs, but they’re sizing each other up, too. All of the Buckys even growl at each other a little. Then MB Steve blurts out “Does your Tony purr?” and Anthro Steve is like “HELL YEAH HE PURRS especially when we XXX–” (Howard screams and covers his Tony’s ears in the background but Tony is too busy playing with Clint’s feathers to notice). Monster Steve jumps in to add that his Tony doesn’t purr but he does sometimes mewl like a cat and can he touch Anthro Tony’s ears??? (”Yes,” Anthro Tony says. “NO,” Anthro Stucky growls.) All the Steves and Buckys are happy to talk about what their Tony likes in bed and the tension between Buckys fades the more secrets they trade about what they’ve found Tony really likes (MB Bucky and Steve do so quietly, in whispers, and tell the others not to say anything to Howard and Maria, and the others nod solemnly).

The happy scene is broken when MB Tony clambers out of the circle of Monster Clint’s wings to stand with shaking hands in front of Maria and ask, “Can–May I hug you? I didn’t, the last time I saw my mother, and I–I think about that a lot, I can’t–I should have hugged her. I should have hugged Howard, too.” Maria doesn’t ask questions, just pulls this grown ass man down into a gentle hug, and then he feels another pair of arms wrap around him and it’s Howard, and he can’t help the tears welling up in his eyes, especially when he feels a pair of little hands wrapping around one of his own and he looks down and sees this tiny version of himself looking up at him with concern.

Monster Tony wants a hug too but isn’t brave enough to ask for one, but Clint–Clint has always been good at hugs, once he realized what hugs were. This is fine. He yelps when Monster Natasha plucks him up and sets him by this alternate version of his parents, but they gladly draw him into a hug as well, so he sniffles into MB Tony’s sleeve.

“…Do you want a hug, Tony?” Anthro Steve asks him gently.

Anthro Tony makes a ‘meh’ sound before saying, “No. They don’t smell right. And cats aren’t like that with their parents anyway.” He looks down at Werewolf Tony when the boy pads over to him and holds his hands up, wordlessly asking to be picked up. “This is a lovely dress,” he tells Werewolf Tony. “If you stay with me I will supply you with endless dresses.” And Werewolf Tony giggles and shakes his head and then politely asks “May I play with your ears?” And HNG Tony wants kittens so bad in this very moment. He puts a little more oomph in his purr just for this pup.

(”There are three adult Tonys,” Monster Steve whispers to Monster Bucky later. “Oh my God Bucky the sex we could have–”

“Right?!” Anthro and MB Steve exclaim.

Steve,” all three Buckys sigh, and then give each other suspicious looks because it’s not like they’re not thinking about a giant Tony sandwich but they were going to wait until they had some privacy to mention it.)

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The talon crew takin care of child!reader? Any age is cool


Age: 14

[Widowmaker ]

You stand strong with your arms folded behind you, awaiting Amelia’s signal to go.

She stalks around you and the table in front of you like the predator she is. When the sniper is out of your line of sight, you feel her barely playing with your hair to make you crack in some way. You want to shiver but manage to stop yourself.


With silent swiftness, you quickly assemble the sniper rifle before setting it down on the table and snapping back into place. She clicks the timer in her hand to stop and inspects the time with a cold look.

“11.2 seconds.” She pauses to build your nerves; she wants you anxious and fidgeting, preferably scared of her answer, but you’ve been through this situation enough to know it’s just a game. And you’re proven right when a small smirk graces her discolored lips. “2.2 seconds faster than last week.”

The tiniest shred of pride grows in your chest as she inspect the assault weapon laid out of the table.



[ Sombra ]

Your fingers dance across the keyboard, trying to remember the codes needed to crack the practice firewall and detection system. But you hit the wrong key anyways and suddenly the computer’s screen in your lap turns red and a small siren sounds out.

You groan and hang your head in your hands; it’s fifth time you’ve messed up with today’s lesson.

“Hey, hey,” Sombra’s accented voice purrs out. “It’s not the end of the world…only your life and those around you.”

That’s just makes it worse and you sigh defeatedly.

Her long nails jokingly scratch your back in a few places and it sends a shiver down your spin, making you sit straight up. She laughs and readjusts the laptop. “That’s why we practice until it’s perfect. You’re getting better, so try again.”

“Okay.” You nod and curl your fingers in and out a few times to stretch them. And once more, your fingers glide over the dimly glowing keyboard.

“And once you’re done, we’ll go off base to get something good to eat.”

Her usual reward for any completed assignment or task, knowing full well that you really don’t get as much time off base as you’d like because of your age.


[ Reaper ]

You’re in the cafeteria, patiently waiting in line for lunch, when your usual annoyance makes an ungraceful appearance. There’s honestly nothing more pathetic and a grown man who enjoys picking on a child.

“Move, brat,” he orders, but you don’t move in inch and just act like you don’t hear him; it’s almost your turn to be served.

It pisses him off so grabs your shoulder, forcing his way forward and shoving you out of line.

You glare at him and try to worm your way back in. But he just pushes you back again and laughs, “pups eat after the adults, get to the back of the line.”

One more time, you try to get back your spot; again, it doesn’t work. But, as he goes to shove you, you snatch his arm and bash at his knees until he fumbles to the ground. You put, reminder: a grown man, into a head lock and constrict his throat. They’re are people laughing now and murmuring amongst themselves.

The room suddenly grows silent and you look up to see Reaper standing with his arm crossed only a few feet away. Everyone else seems to be seconds from pissing their pants, but you’re not. His body language doesn’t say angry.

“Your headlock is perfect. But he won’t learn his lesson from just that. Pain is a great teacher,” he rasps in a ghostly voice. “Break something.”

You look down at the man…and then, you break his wrist.

“Good.” Reaper points to the line of wide eyed agents. “Now, get back in line.”