puny arms

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a/n: ive been meaning to write this but i didn’t know how until today. enjoy!

3 y/o tony, 28 y/o steve (out of ice).

“anthony!” the soft voice of his mother’s rings out throughout the house. sliding down the handles of the stairs, tony finds captain america. his eyes go wide and his plastic shield drops.

“CAPTAIN AMERICA!” he exclaims, running towards steve. he then proceeds to crawl up and wrap his puny arms around steve’s neck.

a soft chuckle leaves captain as he embraces a 3 year old tony stark.

21 y/o tony, 47 y/o steve.

he mourned. his mourned for his parents’ death. tony stark stood by his mother and dropped her favorite: red roses. not a single tear dared escape, however.

it was so quiet. hundreds of miles away from civilization, a place tony bought for his parents. for maria stark. then footsteps.

but he didn’t want anyone. no one wanted him. and next a pile of tulips fell next to his flower batch and his felt a warm presence he hasn’t felt since his parents passed.

he turned back and falling apart in steve’s arms, tony hugged steve. until the sun went down.

28 y/o tony, 54 y/o steve.

“and mr. stark, do you-”

“i do.” tony cut off the priest, earning a reprimanding glare from steve and-

“you may now-” but it was too late, tony had closed the space between him and steve and kissed.

he kissed steve like his life depended on it. kissed steve as a thank you for everything. for being his salvation.

“mm.” tony groaned and steve hummed back in response.

“mm, indeed, mr. stark-rogers.” steve smiled against tony’s lips.