My brother posted this on Facebook:

Punxsutawney Phil woke up, looked around him, and pronounced in groundhogese, “I have seen not only my own shadow, but the long, dark shadow that has enveloped your land, blotting out all light. All joy. All hope. Know that this winter shall not end! Not in six weeks! Not in six upon six thousand weeks!”

He then turned to the president of the Inner Circle and said, “Our accord is broken! Do not call upon me again!” And with that, Phil scurried back into his burrow.


I know Ben Platt will probably win the Tony for Best Actor, but I really hope they give it to Andy. 

What Andy is doing at Groundhog Day is masterful and so genuine, heart breaking, and heart warming all at the same time.  I think people let the comedy overshadow the beautiful emotional depths he reaches during the show.

The puppy bowl is starting and they had Punxsutawney Phil [the groundhog] and his retainers determine the coin toss for if Team Ruff or Team Fluff goes first.

The cheerleaders are rescue rabbits and guinea pigs.
Team Fluff’s mascot is a rescued Chinchilla in it’s own area.
Team Ruff’s mascot is a rescued Screech Owl chilling on a perch decorated with Puppy Bowl stuff.
The social media expert is a rescued grey parrot named Meep who is ‘tweeting’ as things happen aka they took a few mins of footage of them sitting on a laptop and then let them sit wherever they wanted, then simulated the screen.

The ref is laying down to talk to the players if they just sit there. The pups are licking his face or just playing. 

I love Puppy Bowl, but Puppy Bowl XIII is what 2017 needed.

concept for the tony awards

it’s all one big meme.,., dear evan hansen performs a mash-up of “sincerely, me” and “to break in a glove.” falsettos does “march of the falsettos” on a loop for 10 minutes, complete with glow-in-the-dark costumes. kevin 1 and kevin 2 from come from away don’t even sing, they just explain how they used to find it adorable that they were both named kevin but how “now it just hurts”. the great comet performs only gelsey’s screeching in “the opera” and the second half of “balaga”. groundhog day performs “stuck” but here’s the catch….the song is not performed by the human company, but instead by punxsutawney phil himself, , ,


Groundhog Day (1993)
Dir: Harold Ramis
DOP: John Bailey
“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”

your fave is problematic: phil connors
  • some days he goes out without pants
  • slept with ninety percent of women in punxsutawney between eighteen and eighty-four and one dude when he was bored
  • has stolen eighteen million bucks
  • once masturbated seven times in the bath in one evening
  • has started seven hundred fights
  • has wasted endless nights getting wasted contemplating different ways to suicide
  • has tried every food and every drink and every cheat and every choice a thousand times
  • daily eats about a dozen donuts and he doesn’t know why