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Punxsutawney Phil woke up, looked around him, and pronounced in groundhogese, “I have seen not only my own shadow, but the long, dark shadow that has enveloped your land, blotting out all light. All joy. All hope. Know that this winter shall not end! Not in six weeks! Not in six upon six thousand weeks!”

He then turned to the president of the Inner Circle and said, “Our accord is broken! Do not call upon me again!” And with that, Phil scurried back into his burrow.


I know Ben Platt will probably win the Tony for Best Actor, but I really hope they give it to Andy. 

What Andy is doing at Groundhog Day is masterful and so genuine, heart breaking, and heart warming all at the same time.  I think people let the comedy overshadow the beautiful emotional depths he reaches during the show.

okay I find finished watching Groundhog Day the movie, after having seen the musical before, and here are the things I find that the musical did better:

− Rita. Just… Rita Hanson. She’s so much more fleshed out in the musical she’s barely the same character. She has a backstory, a past, she’s driven, compassionate, awkward, filled with innocent wonderment but jaded at the same time, she’s not bland AT ALL.

− Diversity. There’s more women and people of color in the musical, starting with the female lead who is both. It’s still pretty white but it’s heading towards a more equal direction. The female characters are treated better too, given more time and made more interesting with special quirks.

− Fleshing out the town characters. There’s a few added ones to his normal day if he lets it run normally, there’s the songs “One Day” and “Playing Nancy” that really play up this aspect. Their humanity is really made much more clear, how each of them are special and unique.

− Some scenes are given much more emotional depth with the music going with it, I think specifically “Hope”. Damn, Andy Karl, how do you do this? And “Everything about you” feels more intimate and special.

− They took like ONE LINE from bland movie!Rita “I wish I had a thousand lifetimes” and they make this GORGEOUS uplifting song “If I had my time again” which is so funny and deep and layered and overall perfect!!! I still can’t believe that!!!! Like oh my god. And that day they spent together is also filled with purely platonic interactions and I really love that. The movie version was much more romantic.

− They removed Phil’s rape-y scene with Rita so there’s that.

− Overall, I find that all characters have more depth to them and are more likable and interesting and quirky. I find that the scenes have a better pace to them, the dialogue (although A LOT is from the movie itself) is more witty, the added scenes are all to a point and give meaning to the story.

− And of course, the songs add a cohesive atmosphere to the musical, the costumes are more quirky and funny.

Sometimes, less is more. I find that the limitations of musical theater staging usually bring about such creativity to go beyond those limitations that the final product is much more creative than the original. I feel that way about most stage adaptations and I wasn’t surprised to see this confirmed with Groundhog Day.

Phil your Piggy Bank Phantastic Phil

Here’s an image of “Phil your Piggy Bank”, one of the Phantastic Phil statues in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, taken when we visited there a few years back. Created by Victoria Dicken, this Phil has a piggy bank in it’s stomach and has sayings such as “A penny saved is a penny earned” on it.

concept for the tony awards

it’s all one big meme.,., dear evan hansen performs a mash-up of “sincerely, me” and “to break in a glove.” falsettos does “march of the falsettos” on a loop for 10 minutes, complete with glow-in-the-dark costumes. kevin 1 and kevin 2 from come from away don’t even sing, they just explain how they used to find it adorable that they were both named kevin but how “now it just hurts”. the great comet performs only gelsey’s screeching in “the opera” and the second half of “balaga”. groundhog day performs “stuck” but here’s the catch….the song is not performed by the human company, but instead by punxsutawney phil himself, , ,