Oviraptor (mongoliensis?) by ~puntotu

I really love the filled-out neck feather look here! sometimes you come across a restoration that takes a pretty speculative swing and just seems to “hit it right” and it totally singlehandedly changes the way you imagine the animal, like Mark Witton’s musk-ox pachyrinosaurus or John Conway’s towering eerie black haystack of a therizinosaurus. for me at least, this oviraptor feels much more “real” than the skinny turkey-necked restorations I’m used to seeing.

Bambiraptor feinbergi by ~puntotu

if you’re not familiar with ~puntotu’s work, you ought to be. his restorations have a clear sense of realism – not just thanks to his impressive rendering skill, but even moreso in the choices he makes about the appearance of the animal he’s working with. incredible stuff. i’m sure more of his art will find its way onto this blog in the future.