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exo as stupid things my friends have said:
  • baekhyun: i thought about trespassing and if a cop tried to stop me i'd pretend to be illiterate. how can you arrest me bitch i can't fucking read
  • chen: i thought the 'M' on his flag was for Michigan state but all his friends have pot leaves on their flags and there's a lot of people smoking weed here so i'm starting to think otherwise
  • kai: the day i realized turtlenecks are named that because they make you look like a turtle was probably the best day of my life
  • chanyeol: i can't believe you'd accuse me of stealing your shower gel. i did, but i'm offended that i'm the first person you accused
  • kyungsoo: i think i'd be a terrible parent cuz i'd be too protective. catch me punt kicking the bitch ass four year old that pushed my baby off the swings
  • suho: i told you to make a life plan. winning the lottery and never working again is not a life plan
  • sehun: i drew a picture of my family. here's me, here's my mom, and my dog and my house. i didn't draw my dad though, because he's ugly
  • xiumin: our friendship hasn't been the same ever since my birthday because apparently, according to you, "22 is fucking old"
  • yixing: i love elephants even though they're ashy. like sis, moisturize

This is my 5th Inktober piece! I’m actually keeping up with this challenge since I’ve started it! I know this isn’t inked, but I’m tired and it has been a long day. So when it’s inked I’ll repost it. This picture is of me getting ready to punt the animatronic cat that sits outside the dorm-room down the hall. It tends to scare me with its random screeches, usually because I dont know when its on.

I just realized Finn Balor hasn’t used the 1916 (Bloody Sunday) since getting to the main roster. I mean, he’s used the reverse variation, but that’s he doesn’t use that version as his finisher.

Why is that? Saving it to be his “super finisher” like Randy Orton’s punt kick? Or did WWE ban the move?

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BakuSquad Shenanigans on Friday night?


-the first order of fucking business was for Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Hanta to sneak into Bakugo’s room and write on his face with an expo marker

-(they would have done permanent marker but they enjoy life and being alive)

-Bakugo nearly sets fire to his dorm but HE DIDNT so everything was fine but honestly the other four were laughing so hard they probably wouldn’t have noticed if it did

-Hanta is deciding who to tape to a wall throughout the night and eventually settles on either Kirishima or Kaminari (tbd by the end of the day)

-Obviously none of them are gonna go be illegal (bakugo is annoyed at this but his desire to remain in UA is bigger than his desire to be a rebellious twit) but oh my god do they cause some quasi-legal mischief

-on the car ride to wherever they’re headed they quietly discuss their plan to punt kick mineta into the ocean (Mina insists that she be the one to do it though)

-Mina uses acid to etch various things into the concrete

-such as “LORD EXPLOSION MURDER” and various memes/puns
-hanta just requests the word “tape” and he thinks it’s the funniest shit ever

-“cos my quirk guys you know!!” “*extreme group sighing*”

-they go get ice cream because Mina wants it (bakugo is their squad leader but Mina knows how to get what she wants from these boys)

-Everyone is roasting Kaminari and he gets it about 70% of the time

-Hanta chooses to tape up Kaminari and when K goes to the bathroom he elaborates this plan to the others

-“Kaminari! Shock this street lamp as hard as you can!”

-(he does it because he’s a dumb but lovable little pikachu boy)

-He becomes Dumb Kaminari and they immediately tape him to the outside wall of the ice cream joint and then go off for a while. Upon returning K has reverted and has honestly just accepted his fate at this point

-they release poor defeated Kaminari but Kirishima throws his arm around him and noogies him

-they all head back and crash at Kirishima’s place and watch movies (Bakugo requests any Michael Bay movie, Kirishima wants Mad Max: Fury Road, Hanta is cool with whatever, Mina is in the mood for Disney, and Kaminari wants Shark Boy and Lava Girl.)

-They manage Mad Max first and then fall asleep to SB&LG.

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Do you have a dictionary about fighting words instead of just kick, hit, punch and also a thing with curse words like the meaning of them (English isn't my first language) Happy v-day and thanks for your work! I was the one who sent in the earlier question about the boy and the girl, but please don't answer with '' I can't write your plot for you '' I just think you're really talented and I'll take any tips I can get, cheers! :)

Them’s Fightin’ Words!


  • Blow (“landed a blow on”, “dealt a powerful blow”)
  • Box (“boxed his ears”)
  • Buffet
  • Chop
  • Cuff
  • Haymaker (used, “swung a haymaker”/”hit someone with a haymaker”)
  • Paste (slang, “I pasted her” means “I hit her hard.”)
  • Punch
  • Rabbit punch
  • Slap
  • Slug
  • Sock
  • Strike
  • Swat
  • Thump
  • Uppercut (usually, “landed an uppercut”)
  • Wallop


  • Boot (“Booted his ribs”)
  • Donkey kick
  • Dropkick
  • Punt
  • Roundhouse


  • Bash
  • Beat
  • Clash
  • Collide
  • Crash
  • Drive
  • Hammer
  • Impact
  • Recoil
  • Shove
  • Smash
  • Trip

I also did a page on words you can use in a sword fight. Many of them will be useful to a generic fighting scene as well.


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Prompt: Person A was suddenly given attention and Person B is fuming with jealousy because he can't do anything about it.

YAYYYY my first prompt :’) The pairing was not specified so I went with R27! Hope you enjoy this!

If Reborn had to blame someone, he supposed Gokudera was the person who started it all.

It had all started with sounds coming from the bottom of a staircase in the mansion.

It was a rather secluded corner, nobody really went there unless it was to retrieve supplies or to hide from the noise in the mansion.

Gokudera stumbled upon that area when looking for Tsuna one day and he heard strange noises coming from the cupboard under the staircase.

Scratching sounds.

But his priority at that moment had been finding his boss. So Gokudera didn’t pay it much mind.

The next time, Gokudera had been looking for Uri when he passed by the cupboard again.

And then he heard meowing.

He had opened the cupboard thinking it was Uri, but instead he found a small kitten, white fur darkened with dirt and grime.

Gokudera had brought it back to his room, gave it a bath and everything.

But it turns out that Uri didn’t get along with it.

For fear that the small kitten would be harmed by Uri, Gokudera had ran to his boss and dumped the white ball of fur in Tsuna’s lap.

And that was the story of how Reborn got his lover stolen from him.

Really, if looks could kill, that kitten would have been dead five thousand times over.

But unfortunately, Reborn thought darkly, that didn’t happen.

Ever since getting the kitten, Tsuna’s attention had been solely on it.

‘Oh it needs feeding’ said Tsuna in the middle of a make out session.

‘Oh it will want to sleep with us.’ Said Tsuna when Reborn had plans for the two of them. On the bed. Alone.

And the cat seemed to realised that it was irritating Reborn and it stuck to Tsuna like glue. Meowing and licking his hand at the most untimely moments.

And right now, it was pawing at Tsuna’s hand while Tsuna held a roll of yarn in his other hand, a soft smile on his face.

And Reborn, the lover, the hot and sexy lover that nobody could keep their hands off, was sitting at the side like a plate of chopped liver.

And it wasn’t like he could just grab the cat and punt kick that little ass out of the mansion.

No, that would make Tsuna very very pissed off and it meant no sex for weeks. And the cat would probably be back within an hour.

Not like it was very different now.

So Reborn could only watch as the cat rolled and played with Tsuna with all of said person’s attention focused on the kitty.

Reborn almost pouted.

Deciding that he couldn’t stand it anymore, Reborn lifted the kitten to the side, ignoring Tsuna’s small noise of protest and planted his lips on the brunet’s.

Ahh he missed this.

When they finally broke for air, Tsuna had a small blush on his face and Reborn was breathing heavily.

“Reborn…. Were you jealous?”

Reborn growled deep under his breath and he was even more irritated to see that Tsuna had a small smirk on his face like he had known Reborn was jealous.

“You knew. Stop asking.”

Tsuna’s grin only widened and Reborn was about to lean in to wipe that grin off his face when he felt something warm on his hand.

Tsuna looked at him with a little bit of horror and way too much amusement.

“Reborn. I think it peed on you.”

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What would happen if I just.. *punt kicks toddler Jen gently to Zeemoog*

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GENTLY PUNTING A TODDLER! Besides! If your intention was to make me panic by giving Jen to Zeemoog, it won’t work because I trust him enough not to worry with her around him!

more billdip marriage headcanons!! i love marriage

-bill punt-kicking the flower bouquet at their wedding
-dipper and bill not moving more than a foot away from eachother bc at this point all they want to do is be close to eachother
-bill keeps calling himself “”the bride of honor”” and demands to be carried everywhere they go
-dipper doesn’t mind
-dipper and bill start looking for an apartment to rent and they’re so excited because oh my god we’re starting a life together we’re gonna live alone omg holy shit fuck we’re so gay
-bill starts noticing that humans like to change their surnames to fit their partners, and excitedly decides he wants to be bill pines, for once wanting to associate with the pines family
-dipper happily accepts
-names don’t really mean much to bill, but for some reason sharing a surname with his human fills him to the brim with joy. he loves being bill pines


Request: could you write and imagine where malia doesn’t understand human games like tag and liam is chasing you and she thinks he’s trying to hurt you so she attempts to “save” you?

Two weeks into summer break, Stiles broke the Slip-n-Slide.

           “Seriously?” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at the awkwardly skinny boy. “You tried to go down it on a lawn chair?”

           Stiles shrugged. “I wanted to see what would happen.”

           I gave him an incredulous look. “You’re an idiot.”

           Scott chipped in, “It was actually pretty cool. Until he broke it. Not cool, man.”

           Malia rolled her eyes. “The whole reason we even bothered coming over was to play on the Slip-n-Slide, but you two broke it before we even got here. Now what are we supposed to do?”

           Liam raised his hand, a shy smile on his face. “We could play football?” He pointed to the tattered pigskin by the back door.

           I looked around our smaller group. Usually the entire pack hung out at Scott’s house, but today Lydia and Kira had decided to go shopping. We wouldn’t be able to play boys against girls because we wouldn’t have even numbers.

           “You guys go ahead. I’ll watch.” Malia said, plopping down in one of the available chairs.

           Frowning, I said, “We could teach you how to play. It’s really fun, Malia.” My best friend shook her head. I sighed. “Fine. Humans against werewolves?”

           “Oh, you’re so on.” Liam stuck his tongue out. “Do you want kick off?”

           Giggling, I shook my head. “You do the honors.” With that, I drug Stiles to the other side of the backyard, glancing over my shoulder to see Scott and Liam in deep conversation as they retrieved the ball.

           Stiles shifted awkwardly in his damp swim trunks. “Okay, so, what’s the plan?”

           I pretended to think it over. “If you get the ball, just pass it to me. Plain and simple.”

           “What? No, I think-” He began to protest, but then Scott yelled, “PUNT!” and lightly kicked the ball over to us. Surprisingly, the ball landed right in Stiles’s arms. He looked down at it as if in wonder and then over at me.

           “Stiles, pass me the ball!” I screamed, already tearing across the freshly mowed grass. His arm reared back and then he threw it; the ball sailed swiftly through the air. I caught it, palms red and stinging. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Liam closing in. Scott must’ve gone for Stiles. Laughing, I sprinted for the fence.

           Just before I could touch the end of the ball to the wood, warm arms encircled my waist. We tumbled to the ground, rolling and laughing the whole way. When we came to a stop finally, Liam was on top of me. “Nice tackle, Dunbar.”

           “I believe that was a sack.”

           “Who said I was the quarterback?”

           Before he could answer, Liam was lifted up and tossed to the side. Malia was crouched in front of me in a protective stance, snapping and snarling at Liam, as if daring him to get up.

           “No, Malia, stop! It’s alright! That’s just part of the game. He wasn’t going to hurt her.” Stiles waved his arms over his head as he jogged over to us, Scott hot on his tail.

           Malia was seething. “She’s a human. He should know better- know to be gentle with her.”

           Slowly, I sat up. “Malia, I’m okay.” Four pairs of eyes fell on me. I gulped. “It’s fine; that’s part of football.”

           She sniffed. “Well I don’t like it.” Her arms crossed over her chest. I snorted. Cautiously, Liam rose to his feet. His blue eyes were watching Malia the entire time. It would’ve been comical if her eyes weren’t electric blue.

           Liam walked around her to offer me a hand up. I took it and pat him on the shoulder. “Thanks,” I mumbled. He shrugged it off.

           “Okay, so, let’s take five, maybe get some snacks?” Scott clapped his hands together and looked around at everyone. “I’m starting to get hungry.”

           Everyone was in agreement and began to trek inside. Liam and I strayed back, trying to ignore Malia’s constant glances over her shoulder. We were still in the middle of the yard when she reached the door. “Are you coming?” She snapped, raising an eyebrow.

           “Um, yeah. Malia, if you don’t mind, can I talk to Liam for a sec?” She drew her lips into a tight line, but she still nodded. Then she left, letting the door slam behind her.

           Liam scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. His white tank now had grass stains. I was sure my cover-up dress was in the same condition. “Listen, dude, I’m sorry about Malia.” I offered. “She can get over protective sometimes.”

           “Nah, it’s cool.” Liam smiled. “She’s right, in a way. Sometimes I forget that you’re human. You seem so strong that I just… don’t think.”

           I smirked. “Like when you tackled me.”

           “I’m telling you that it was a sack.”

           “And I’m telling you that it was a tackle. Sacks are behind the line of scrimmage.” Liam looked at me quizzically for a moment, brow wrinkling, lips pursed. Then he sighed, “I hate it when you’re right.”

           Giggling to myself, I slung my arm over his shoulder. “So we’re good?”

           “Yup, we’re good.”

           “Great. Now let’s go inside; I’m starving.”

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I love innocent characters that no one expects for them to get hurt. I like seeing them broken. I like seeing them scream out in the void. I like hearing them beg for help, but nobody came.

God damnit Flowey, get outta here!

*punt kick*