punt kick

more billdip marriage headcanons!! i love marriage

-bill punt-kicking the flower bouquet at their wedding
-dipper and bill not moving more than a foot away from eachother bc at this point all they want to do is be close to eachother
-bill keeps calling himself “”the bride of honor”” and demands to be carried everywhere they go
-dipper doesn’t mind
-dipper and bill start looking for an apartment to rent and they’re so excited because oh my god we’re starting a life together we’re gonna live alone omg holy shit fuck we’re so gay
-bill starts noticing that humans like to change their surnames to fit their partners, and excitedly decides he wants to be bill pines, for once wanting to associate with the pines family
-dipper happily accepts
-names don’t really mean much to bill, but for some reason sharing a surname with his human fills him to the brim with joy. he loves being bill pines

Volador Jr vs Rey Fénix (Caralucha, 2-4-2017)

These two had never met until late last year, and this is their first mano a mano match, at least as best I can tell via internet searching. Wild start with fighting on the floor and a chair involved, Volador, the rudo, in control, before Fénix takes over with a couple of dives. Superkicks, superkicks, superkicks. Punt kicks from the apron. Fast pace, dives, small but engaged crowd, Volador won’t take his shirt off. This match has a Canadian Destroyer after Volador does take his shirt off, so perhaps he should have kept it on. Reverse rana gets the win for Volador. This match was kind of a greatest hits, a choppy bunch of stuff happening, and it was fine, but I cap it at that. It was like a better executed WWA4 gym match. ★★★¼