So this has picked up some steam so I’m gonna say a few things

  • This is a safe space for all mlm
    • unless you make it unsafe for others
  • You don’t need to be mlm to follow or reblog
    • but please don’t add any extra comments to posts if you’re not mlm
    • if you fetishize mlm (for example identifying as fujoshi) definitely don’t follow
  • There are lots of ways to be a man and to love men
    • You don’t need to be 100% man
    • You don’t need to be cisgender
    • you don’t need to love men sexually
    • you don’t need to love them romantically
  • First and foremost this is a blog for positivity, levity, and terrible puns
    • I’m not about that discourse and anything sent to that effect will be ignored
      • Unless it’s a genuine question
  • There’s a 42069% chance that you look great today
    • There’s a 666% chance that you’re more than your looks and have a great and sparkling personality as well
    • There’s a Small Loan of 7 Million Dollars% chance that you are loved.

anonymous asked:

why do you love cal so much?

omg where do i start

do u know those cinnamon roll types post well cal is the one who ‘looks like they could kill u but is actually a cinnamon roll’ and that is why i love him to death

he says stuff like

“i am your rightful king, silver-born for centuries. the only reason you’re still breathing is because I can’t burn the oxygen from this room” (i died)

and winks at mare NOT MUCH OF AN INCENTIVE and she’s all like “the noble ladies of norta would have fainted if prince tiberias winked at them” dude’s hot afff

loves planning battles and stuff (it calms him makes him happy) and is literally a soldier

but then he also

makes (dorky) puns
is not a good swimmer (and embarrassed bc of it what a cutie)
is good with kids (imagine dad!cal bye)
doesn’t have to help the reds (flying the blackrun, training them!!) but he does
still will protect mare even if she betrayed him

anyway i just love him a lot!!!

  • looks smol but is not smol
  • owns a schnoodle named weegee
  • looks good with and without facial hair
  • enjoys soaking in fake blood, even when it gets into his asscrack
  • can speak fluent french
  • trolls his fans with good/bad puns
  • is a DILF
  • has visited the shanghai museum of sex multiple times
  • is really good at accents
  • has a friend who is obsessed with airport carpets and was booted out of an airport after taking a picture of their carpet for said friend
  • loves jaffa cakes
  • have you heard the way he pronounces ‘marzipan’? sinful

please feel free to add more!


Day 3: Sharing Music / Hair Dying / Sharing Silly Puns

I am home yay! ôヮô I was gunna do sharing silly puns but I ended up changing my mind last minute ^^ 

Haise would totally have a playlist full of catchy English songs I wonder who influenced that (☉‿☉✿)

Please don’t steal or remove my signature (◡‿◡✿) thank you!

Punsy Woods

Context: Our party was asked to go get some widow’s baby (who’s probably dead by now but we don’t exactly have anything better to do) and while we were bumming around in the forest, we came across a camp of hobgoblins? Why the fuck are hobgoblins camping within 2 miles of a city and why are there only 3 of them? Who knows. Anyway, since Pally’s player is absent and he’s 99% of our impulse control, we decide to just sack the camp, take names, and ask questions later. Plan involves some version of a sneak attack. As much of a sneak attack as two heavily armored gals and a Witchbolt-happy sorcerer can anyhow. But hey, we just got a ranger and we do have our rogue. So.

Rogue: I’m gonna creep up on them. *fails her Stealth check*

DM: You make it about five steps in the direction of the camp before…CRACK. A very crunchy dry twig snaps under your boot. Instantly the hobgoblins are on their feet, weapons out.

Ranger: *having succeeded on her own stealth check and is now across the camp on the other side* I mimic an owlbear to distract them!

DM: …Yeah. Sure. Why the fuck not.

Ranger: Natural 20!

DM: KREEEETTT! Bona fide owlbear audio there. The hobgoblins whirl on their feet, shouting at each other in Goblinoid. One takes up a torch–

Sorcerer: Looks like they’ve been…hoot-winked.

The DM was so impressed with it he gave Sorcerer exp. Which was a small, pretty victory because our entire party got our asses handed to us by three OP hobgoblins soon after.

Pros and cons of dating Kara


  • Will never get fat
  • Can very quickly bring you ice cream
  • Can keep ice cream at the perfect temperature for the entire length of the movie you’re watching
  • When she kisses you makes you feel like you’re floating on air because you’re actually floating on air


  • May accidentally destroy dishes
  • Will frequently pause the movie to go save lesser mortals
  • Gigglesnorts at cheesy puns
  • Is a magnet for intergalactic psychos with a chip on their shoulder