Pros and cons of dating Kara


  • Will never get fat
  • Can very quickly bring you ice cream
  • Can keep ice cream at the perfect temperature for the entire length of the movie you’re watching
  • When she kisses you makes you feel like you’re floating on air because you’re actually floating on air


  • May accidentally destroy dishes
  • Will frequently pause the movie to go save lesser mortals
  • Gigglesnorts at cheesy puns
  • Is a magnet for intergalactic psychos with a chip on their shoulder
Happy Father’s Day!

Hey trans folks! I know many of you have rather fraught relationships with your dads, and some of you have lost your dads. Father’s Day can be rough on folks in that situation, so I want you to know that if you don’t have a Dad for Father’s Day, you do now. I’m now your Dad. Consider these benefits:

  • I have 13 years experience as an actual certified (my name is on TWO certificates!) dad
  • I’m phenomenal at bad dad jokes and puns
  • I care about you
  • I love you
  • I see you for the wonder and joy that you are
  • I see you for the gender and person that you are
  • You can always come to me for some fatherly advice whenever you need. 
  • And! Not everyone can say they have a trans woman for a dad, but now you can!

Have a happy and safe Father’s Day!