I wont furget...

McCree was growling, painfully so as his body contorted and slowly grew fur. His transformations were always painful, bones cracking and his grunts turning to snarls. Dagger-like claws scraped across the ground like nails on a chalkboard. Teeth turned to canines and ears sprouted from his head. His partial transformation was complete after a moment. Heavy breathing made his chest heave, rolling onto his back on the cold floor. Skin on fire like a sun was in his belly. 

Jesse huffed, his now golden glowing eyes looked up at the ceiling. Tail swayed under him across the bedroom floor. He felt better, comfortable in this form. Scents wafting into his nose from the open window, the crisp fall air across his fiery whiskey-kissed skin. 

He was hungry, very thirsty as well. Golden orbs shut again to take in the smells and sounds flooding his person. Rush of emotion, instinct he normally suppressed behind a calm and cool facade. He wanted to run, he wanted to chase. He was just in his jeans, claws scratching his bare middle. 

He sat up suddenly when he heard a knock at his door.