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joekewlio asked:

I don't understand why the FNDM thinks Yang is such a punster. By my count she made ONE pun back in the series, (Volume 1 I think.) And they haven't stopped since. I just don't get it.

It’s because of her VA Barb, who constantly makes Puns.

Gastronomie ~ご主人様とメイドの美食倶楽部~ 第壱巻 江川亜蘭主催  (Gastronomie 〜Goshujinsama to maid no bishoku club〜)

NiNO, the producer of the Aigan Ningyou series, has announced a new series illustrated by the same artist! Four volumes are planned for this series, with the first to be released in March.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The setting is the latter half of the 1920s in the Showa era.

Inside a building in Tokyo’s lavish Ginza district, there exists a high-class French restaurant named “Gastronomie.”

Once a month in this restaurant, a few carefully-selected members gather for a meeting of the 「美食倶楽部」“Bishoku Club,” where they can indulge themselves in a variety of delicious desserts and wines.

The cuisine for the meeting each month alters and is determined by the club members, with the main rule being that the member in charge of the food that month arrange for both the cook and the ingredients to be provided for the event.

When the days come for each member to determine what food they will serve to the club, they usually find themselves mulling over the matter for a long time.

However, on one day…

Without any recollection of how or who put you there, you find yourself in a box containing ingredients for the Bishoku Club.

As both an “ingredient” and maid for the Bishoku Club, you are taken into the home of the member in charge for the month…

*CVs haven’t been announced yet, but release dates have been determined.

Release Dates: March 30th, May 25th, July 27th, and September 28th, 2016.

wheresthewater asked:

Do you think you I could follow along with the special X-Files event while only knowing the basic details? (I wanted to watch the show in its entirety, but I didn't have enough time)

I’m not too sure, I’ve been avoiding most information on it since I don’t want any spoilers, but I should think you should be able to follow it even if you don’t know everything. They’ll probably do some light recapping of key details, since its unlikely they expect everyone to marathon the 202 episode (+2 movies) series

I think you’ll probably get more out of it the more you’ve seen (I wouldn’t doubt there’d be some references to some specific episodes, as like easter eggs), but given the event I think its probably made with the idea that any casual fan of the X-Files will be able to tune in and be able to follow it

Nobody Say 'Gate' To Me! | Paper Mario #2
Here we have some laughs, some questions, and some reason to think that Kammy Koopa is the most beautiful Koopa ever! ---------------------------------------...

Hello Midnighters! Here is our second video in line for our Paper Mario Play through! You could call it a “gateway” drug into the rest of our videos, but please don’t let that stop you from InvestiGATEing. This one is sure to leave your mouths “A-gate”! But seriously, check it out! Lots of fun, lots of heart and a lot of voice went into the making of this production- bu that’s just what happens when you’re having fun- right?

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It’s paper Mario, how can it not be fun?