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I can’t believe I only noticed this just now but...

Alisha sounds a lot like the phrase alis siya which in Filipino roughly translates to “he/she is leaving”, although the verb isn’t in verb form (alis means departure; it should be aalis instead).

Whoever gave Alisha her name probably didn’t have this in mind but it’s still funny to think about how her name foreshadows her circumstance in-game and meta-wise.

According to the upcoming merchandise for the series, the current Gintama anime arc is referred to as ‘Kuroko no TASUKE Hen’「黒子のタスケ編」.

It’s a word play on Kurokono Tasuke’s name, which happens to be 「黒子野 太助」, but for the arc title, it translates to ‘Kuroko’s Assist Arc’.

And, let’s also not forget that it’s a pun on a JUMP series called ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ (黒子のバスケ)

ace attorney is like 80% puns, right? Down to the names of characters and dialogue and circumstances they are in. so who’s to say that the entirety of ace attorney isn’t a pun? what if this entire, emotional yet hilarious, franchise is all based off a stupid pun that someone made? like the entire thing. and they’re waiting till the end to say it. and it’ll be a terrible, corny, stupid pun that tires together every event that has ever taken place in the entire ace attorney series. and when this pun is delivered people will realize it, sigh in exasperation, and promptly start to cry bc it was a pun the entire series was based off of