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Look guys, I know Edward and Oswald’s relationship ended pretty rough this season, but I believe Oswald will find a way to break the ice between them in s4

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OMG! You guys are going to flesh out the heist cutie AU?!?! I cannot wait. Thank you for sharing your writing. I've loved all of the coldflash stories you've posted!

haha @swingsetindecember, looks like people are excited about the heist cutie one :)

I’ll try to work on it a little more later today, Anon. The fleshed out version will follow close to the same plot as the round robin did, just as a proper story, with many wonderful puns and much snark :)

  • Shiro: *fingergun* I zinc that battle was really some Tin.
  • Keith: what's that supposed to mean.
  • Shiro: it was a fingerpun.
  • Hunk: oh I get it like finger guns but because you're making a pun too it becomes a fingerpun. Even better, much better - it's with CHEMISTRY. Shiro's really funny guys. He makes chemistry jokes.
  • Pidge: I zinc... haha. yeah. that's actually pretty funny.
  • Hunk: Na, only PERIODICALLY.
  • Pidge: pfffft. Guess you could say you're in your... ELEMENT, eh?
  • Shiro: It's really difficult to rewrist laughing.
  • Keith: Stop.
  • Lance: yeah. I'm actually with Keith on this one. STOP.

I feel like you would enjoy this. Okay, there IS an explanation for this chalk monstrosity. My science teacher is very hands-on, and we were doing a unit on moles. We abbreviate them mol. (Me, being trash, immediately thought of the terrible Darth Mol jokes and tried not to start snickering in the middle of a silent classroom.) But there’s a lab project for this unit where we measure the amount of mols we use to draw something on a paper. But it gets better. If it’s science-related, he HANGS IT ON THE WALL. Mine is on a wall. But its also the worst pun I’ve made in my life ever. :)1


all aboard the train of bad decisions

au where sans is agender asexual, and papyrus is nonbinary aroace, thats why.

the pun results are disastrous.

  • Kamui: Marx, I have a question.
  • Marx: Alright.
  • Kamui: What does a little sister ride?
  • Marx: ...
  • Kamui: ...
  • Marx: .....What?
  • Kamui: A niisan ≖‿≖
  • Marx: ...
  • Marx: .........Why are we married again?

So I was at an Introduction to Band thingy and we had all of us freshmen sitting among the upperclassmen. We all went into the band room and sat down in this giant ass circle and took turns introducing ourselves by saying our names and the kind of animal we thought described us best. 

I suffered through three minutes of absolute panic before it was my turn. It was excruciating. And then I had the spotlight. I was freaking out. I say the only thing that comes to mind: 

“Hi, I’m Sarah, and I think that I would be a bear, possibly, because I tell a lot of lame jokes and I’ve been told by many people that they are, well, unbearable” 

And let me tell you the looks I got from around the room were priceless 

All fucking sixty of those other band nerds looked liked they wanted me dead on the spot 

It was glorious 

Prioritizing winning over your debate crush

I loved @japhers take on Kwami swap Marinette  with her hair being her ‘ears, and I have been meaning to draw Kwami swap for some time so heres some action poses of Chat Noir Marinette :3

I always thought that Kwami Swap Marinette would be so cool because its like, OBVIOUS that she has had some martial arts training so she probably knows how to actually use the staff as a STAFF and not a fencing sword

Also Marinette making bad flirting puns is a glorious thought


Plagg’s expensive taste is MURDER on a young bakers daughter’s wallet

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Thank you for being so polite!!

  • Connor and Travis are a package deal, everyone knows this. Katie knows this, too, and she’s totally prepared for Travis putting his brother first even after they start officially dating.
  • What she is not prepared for is how quickly Connor becomes like her brother, too. She’d never say it, because they’re not sappy like this, but she really appreciates how warmly she’s been welcomed into their exclusive world.
  • She sings to her plants and Travis tries to help, but mostly ends up singing strange ditties that devolve into off-beat raps where the only words even close to rhyming are “leaves and trees” and “Katie and baby”.
  • They’re always touching: pinkies locked together, arms intertwined, knees knocking when they sit next to each other, a hand on the small of their back, something is always connecting them.
  • Travis has a bad habit of kissing Katie mid-sentence, because she’s just so beautiful whenever she talks about something she loves that he can’t help himself.
  • She doesn’t really mind.
  • At first she questions the origin of every single gift he gives her, but she soon learns not to bother. 
  • His pranks on her kinda died down a little after they started dating, but then when she pulls an epic one on him he comes back in fighting form.
  • She makes the boys matching flower crowns and they leave them on for an entire day: she’s still not quite sure how they stayed put during Capture the Flag.
  • Travis constantly comes up with weird ways of introducing Katie to people, because he thinks the term “girlfriend” isn’t enough. 
  • His favourite is “partner… in crime.”
  • Connor wouldn’t be able to stand that, if it weren’t such a glorious pun.