puns are for well anyone else but you

It's a good thing I'm not a demigod

I think if I or anyone else was claimed, I’d find a way to make a load of puns. Like “Oh, you’ve been claimed by Zeus? That’s shocking.” “You’re Poseidon’s kid and you have a prophecy? Whale, water you gonna do about that?” “Dionysus, huh? Well, don’t wine about it.” And I’d probably just end up being disintegrated…

  • Me: So, what's going on where you are right now?
  • Swede Friend: Another person just got sent to prison for raping a kid.
  • Me: Jeesh. Well, at least they'll be in prison where they can't hurt anyone else for a long time.
  • Swede Friend: 4 years isn't a long time.
  • Me: Huh?
  • Swede Friend: Oh, you don't know? Our rape prison sentences are typically only 2-6 years. One guy only got 22 days of community service.
  • Me: ...permission to speak freely?
  • Swede Friend: Granted.
  • Me: No pun intended, that's screwed up.
  • Swede Friend: I know.

Anyone else have that mind-puzzle when someone asks who your favorite RT member is?

It’s like well, taking into consideration personalities and who they have played/voiced, typically it can change so like you’ve got Joel but you gotta take into account that he is Joel so he gains and loses points and Burnie is always solid and Barb is as up and down as her puns and AH all usually cancel themselves out and Tyler Coe and Jon Risinger are both solid picks and then you realize you have to give and answer.

So you just go with Joel because his is Caboose.