also like, picture a couple of hufflepuffs who’re new to drugs remaining for christmas getting high as hell in the common room bc they’re like ‘who’s gonna notice’ and like ‘we gotta do this we won’t get to any other time’ and then a prefect walking in on them and they’re like ‘ohshitohshitfuck’ and the prefect just … has the blankest look on their face for a couple seconds and then they’re like "puff it up" and swagger off with the biggest most satisfied ‘i-finally got-to-make-the-best-most-horrible-pun’ shit eating grin and then they’re all like ‘did we really just not get int trouble???’ and then an older hufflepuff they hadn’t noticed was there smirks at them and says “if it was just hufflepuff quidditch wouldn’t have any seekers cuz there would be no snitches”