SATOKO 19 Scraps

I had to cut this because the intro sadly wasn’t working but I made some really great puns so I had to share.

“Got her! My Satoclone’ll lead you there,” I said, poofing one into existence.

“Stop calling them Satoclones,” Sakura chided, annoyed.

“Can’t hear you over the sound of my Satoclone transforming into a Satostone,” I retorted without skipping beat, then promptly exchanged finger-guns and a shit-eating grin with my clone before it turned into a palm-sized rock. 

Sakura groaned and smacked me over the head as I gave the stone to Hanjou, who thanked me with a nod. 

“They can endure a little jostling, but any sudden impacts will dispel them,” I said, then gave Sakura a tantalizing grin as I added, “I would’ve highfived my clone if it weren’t for that.”

Bonus pun: What did Satoko do when all the kids at the academy ignored her?

She Satolone.

Headcanon that Keith starts making jokes all the time, but only when it’s just him and Hunk.

“No guys I swear he made a pun the other day,” Hunk sobs into Pidge’s unconvinced shoulder. 

“We’ll believe it when we hear it, Hunk,” Lance shoots back. 

Keith knows. he’s just messing with hunk at this point. they set off on a solo mission and he just smirks.

“If you like Shay so much, why don’t you Balmarry her?” he asks through the coms.

Hunk starts crying.