Heterosexual: I have straight hair

Homosexual: I have curly hair

Bisexual: I have wavy hair

Asexual: I’m bald

Demisexual: I’m usually bald but I like to grow my hair out for special occasions

Pansexual: My hair texture depends on the humidity, the moon cycle, and whether or not Saturn is in opposition

D&D adventure premises inspired by stupid bear puns
  • Premise: a bear is the only witness to a crime; the party must convince the local druid to awaken it so it can testify. Adventure title: Bear Witness

  • Premise: the party must escort the king’s valuable pet bear through hostile territory. Adventure title: Bear With Me

  • Premise: the party must retrieve a cache of powerful enchanted weapons from the lair of an enormous owlbear that’s somehow figured out how to use them. Adventure title: Bear Arms

  • Premise: a psychic werebear is telepathically possessing townsfolk and forcing them to commit crimes. Adventure title: Bear in Mind

  • Premise: a charlatan at the summer fair is attempting to sell trained bears as domestic helpers; events proceed as expected. Adventure title: Bear Market

  • Premise: the party must investigate the reported appearance of a great golden bear that the local temple believes to be an omen from their god. Adventure title: Cross to Bear