A brother (INTJ), a sister (INFP), & "Dracula" written by Bram Stoker

INFP (me): I feel like you care more about that book than about me.

INTJ (bro): Yep.

INFP (me): Aw c'mon!

INTJ (bro): Nope.

INFP (me): That’s messed up.

INTJ (bro): …..

INFP (me): …..

INTJ (bro): FIIINE!! Of course I care more about you than about Dracula!

INFP (me): Yeahahaha! YESS! SUCK IT DRACULA!!

INTJ (bro): …..

INFP (me): …. *snickers* See what i did there?

INTJ (bro): *lets out long exasperated breath* Please go away.


justerino  asked:

I recently took a date to a comedy club, on what I though was open mic night. Instead, the club was holding a Friar's style roast for snakes, frogs, and turtles. My date, disgusted, ran out of the club, and I haven't heard from them since. Another evening ruined by a reptile diss function.

Kevin sees Jeremy: Kevin Gay

Kevin takes up ceramics: Kevin Clay

Kevin eats protein powder: Kevin Whey

Kevin disapproves: Kevin Nay

Kevin practicing exy: Kevin Play

Kevin reclines: Kevin Lay

Kevin is allowed: Kevin May

Kevin is religious: Kevin Pray

Kevin dresses up as Santa: Kevin Sleigh

Kevin greets someone: Kevin Hey

Kevin goes to the beach: Kevin Bay

Kevin meets Gansey: Kevin Ley

Kevin approves: Kevin Yay

Kevin remains: Kevin Stay

Kevin agrees: Kevin Kay

Kevin sees Jeremy shirtless: Kevin Sway

Kevin insults Neil: Kevin Pay

Kevin is being vague: Kevin Fey

Kevin has the perfect comeback: Kevin Slay