this was a collab with @toontwink I had done for my sister’s christmas gift. I did the line art and background, while Nate did the colouring and shading. 

@punnyqurl got Purin and I into HunterXHunter back in september and it quickly became a shared favorite. We decided that this would be the perfect image to give to heather. 

((Nate’s Sig is beside mine, but it keeps turning back to black when I turn it white.)) 


((So I din’t know what it would be like joining something like Fandomstuck, and it's fascinating how active you all are. I will promise you now that I will not be that active. Sorry but I don’t have the time. However I totally want to roleplay and I will answer every question I can, so don’t worry, I’ll still make things fun and interesting.

What I worry about though is that I’m missing out on a bunch of peoples story’s. SO, if you want to plot with me, chat with me, or are just interested in general, my Skype name is Punnyqurl. Feel feel to add me anytime and we’ll talk :3.

MOD out!))