EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE BLURRYFACE TRACKLIST (excluding Fairly Local, Tear in My Heart, and Stressed Out)

Hello friends I am here to compile a summarized post of all the info we’ve heard about the Blurryface tracklist:

Heavydirtysoul - very fast paced rapping with breakbeats. faster rapping than Ode to Sleep at some points.

Ride - moderately paced, nothing significant. sounds like a mixture of The Run and Go and Screen.

Lane Boy - really chill synth beats before lyrics kick in, sounds similar to a plucked violin. cool build-up before the lyrics kick in. probably will be a great live song.

The Judge - will be a fan favorite. extremely happy ukulele song. nearly 5 minutes long. “killer falsetto.” The song is Migraine-level fun.

Doubt - high chances it is the song with this beat (but more developed), and it has these lyrics.  

Polarize - not a standout, its about Tyler’s relationship with family and friends. backed by a fairly upbeat and synth driven instrumentation. has some lyrics in Spanish (supposedly).

 We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V. - sweet upbeat tempo that will get people dancing. this and The Judge are the only two with ukulele.

Message Man - steady beat with high synths pushing through the mix. simple, yet oddly hard to describe. mixture of melodic and rap.

Hometown - dark lyrics, pop-ish sound. references their hometown as something they’ve moved on from. “ Where we’re from / there’s no sun / our hometown’s in the dark.”

Not Today - pretty tame song, probably easing into the final track. nothing else is known about this track, beside that it is very lyrically empowering.

Goner - more lyrics and instrumentation than the 2012 edition. played on only the piano instead of accordion. beautifully written. it’s hinted that there may be screaming near the climax of the song. 3 minutes and 56 seconds long.

Out of all the released singles, Stressed Out represents the rest of the album the most.

Blurryface voice is used in a total of 4 songs.

The majority of the songs have rapping, and WDBWOT has trumpet that fits perfectly into the beat.

Tyler’s lyrical complexity is still there. His writing has evolved.

There are surprises, while also being recognizably your good ol’ twenty one pilots.

Josh’s drumming stands out the most in Heavydirtysoul, but otherwise the album is not very drum-intensive.

The new Goner is the Trees of Blurryface.

Songs confirmed to not have rapping:  The Judge, Goner, Message Man, Hometown, Not Today.

The album has it’s own style, but it is also a very logical evolution from Vessel.

Supposedly, Blurryface blows Vessel out of the water.


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