Introducing the newest network you didn’t know you wanted to be a part of the bands and bad puns squad 

It’s a network dedicated to exactly that BANDS AND BAD PUNS! This is intended to be a non-exclusive network i.e. everyone who fills out an application gets into the net PUNLESS there are way more pun enthusiasts out there than I anticipated then it may end up being selective because too many members would be simply puncontrollable

How to Apply:

You do punfortunately have to be following Alex oldbloodchronicles (me) and my punderfully punny co-admin Sam stumperspunk

Follow the network blog and track the tag bandsandbadpunssquad

Please fill out this survey so we know a little bit about you before the net officially starts and also please reblog this post

If you get in you will need to follow all of the other members and tag any relevant triggers to make sure everyone in the net is as comfortable as possible among their new fronds (if this is going to be a problem maybe this isn’t the net for you)

I will choose the members and make a post with all of the members on it on the 25th of June which is when the survey applications will end 

on another note if you found the puns in this post horrifically annoying again this might not be the best net for you

Thnks fr applyng

  • my goddaughter:*humming miraculous ladybug opening*
  • me:... is that what i think it is?
  • my goddaughter:haha, i bet you don't watch ladybug!
  • me:*CLAWS OUT* You merely adopted the spotted life, but I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light outside of the fandom until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but CAT-ASTROPHE!