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Yay!!! Can I request Izuki, Moriyama, Kasamatsu, Imayoshi, and Takao, where a cute girl approaches them during or after practice but they think they're there for everyone (or someone) but not them? I think these boys need some more love. :3

Of course! I am pretty sure that I understand what you mean, but if I missed the point completely, I apologize!

Izuki: The punmaster himself was unprepared when the many shocked, “Who is she?!” and “It’s a girl!” Sounded through the gym. Basketball practice had just ended and he wrapped a towel around the back of his neck when he saw one of the cutest girls in school approaching him. 
No, it couldn’t be him, she wouldn’t be! It’s probably for Kagami; yeah, he’s tall and girls like him. So why is she getting closer..?!
“Izuki!” You beam, stopping right before the eagle-eyed boy. Now there was no denying it; he was stuck and punless, and had no idea how to react. “I um… well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to give you this.” 
Hastily, you shove a box of chocolates at the boy, who took them with surprise. On the box, a note read: I want you to bee mine with a picture of a bee that you had drawn (Regardless of artistic ability)

Now blushing just as much as the shocked boy before you, you quickly waved your hand, “S-see you tomorrow!” And with that, you were running out of the gym, leaving Izuki with his speechless teammates.
“Well… I guess you could say I’m a real… keeper,” he says ,holding up the picture of the bee. “Get it? Keeper, like bee keeper-”
“Shut it!”

Moriyama: “Oh, if only a beautiful maiden would approach me the way they approach Kise. I would finally be able to share my-… what?”
Moriyama noticed that everyone, instead of looking at him, was looking behind him. Turning around, he spotted not only a girl, but a cute girl. 
Oh, but you must be here for Kise; all the girls are, after all. 
Letting out a sigh, he spoke, “Why, this beautiful girl got my hopes up and cru-”
“Moriyama-san,” you spoke up, and the boy blinked his eyes a couple of times in confusion before turning his head down to find you smiling up at him. “I wasn’t able to catch you after class, but… You left this,” you hand him a sheet of his homework paper, but what was clearly on top of it was a sticky note with your number on it.
Poor Moriyama, usually so smooth and verbose, was at a loss for words. “Call me sometime,” you make a phone gesture beside your ear, give him a wink that sent his heart soaring to the heavens, and then made your way out of the gym.
“My… my angel… she has come to me.”

Kasamatsu: “Q-quiet..! Get back to practice,” Kasamatsu says after the encounter between Moriyama and the girl in his class. Even Moriyama is getting a girlfriend now? What did that say about Kasamatsu?
It was going to be damn near impossible for him to even go on a date if he can’t learn to speak properly to a female. 
Five minutes back into practice, there was once again the sound of the metal door opening. “Ah, who is it now?” Kasamatsu groans, turning his head only to find you walking in. 
Oh great! Was this going to be another visit for Kise or Moriyama?! Just the sight of you is making Kasamatsu’s heart race, and if that wasn’t enough, you were getting closer and closer and-
“Gghh..!” He makes a choked noise, face red as his fingers clenched into fists unknowingly. You’re actually talking to him?! He has to keep his composure! But it was so hard every time he looked into your eyes!
You only giggle at his lack of response, “Well, I know that I’m interrupting practice, so please forgive me! But I just have to ask you now..!”
He gulped as he remained stiff as a board, waiting for you to finish.
You as well were blushing, but fortunately better with words than the black haired male. “Please.. be m-my partner for the festival this weekend!”
The festival… as in the one where winning partners are said to always become couples and have successful relationships. That festival. 
He fainted on the spot, but with the help of his teammates, he was actually able to say yes when he came to.

Imayoshi: The black haired captain frowned and covered his ears when Wakamatsu yet again yelled something in his ear, “Quiet down..”
It was a common occurrence, so Imayoshi was used to it. 
“No, listen! Look,” Wakamatsu turns Imayoshi to see you in all your attractive glory entering the gym. You were looking around for something, or someone.
“Oh,” Imayoshi puts his hands onto his hips, pleased with your presence and showing that with a smile on his lips. “What could she be here for?”
When your eyes found their target, the captain himself, a smile lit up your face. Finally, it was Imayoshi who showed surprise. 
“Imayoshi!” You jog over to him, and since you had waited until practice was over, you didn’t have to worry about interrupting anything. “I forgot to tell you during class!”
“Tell me what?” He asks, eyebrows furrowing as a curious expression came over his features.
“If I’m free Friday night! The answer is yes, here’s my number,” you say, handing him a paper with all the digits written across. 
He was shocked, but accepted it nonetheless, “I didn’t-”
“I know, but I know you were wondering. Pick me up at 6?” With that, you waved and left the gym, successfully being able to call yourself the first person to ever make Imayoshi Shouichi flustered.

Takao: “Shin-chan! Look, it’s that cute girl in my math class,” Takao whispers to the green haired first year, who responds with a bashfully by telling him to shut up.
Though, Takao had no idea why you would be here, of all places. “I wonder why she’s here. Probably for me,” he says, resting his elbow onto his friend’s shoulder - though his words were not to be taken seriously. You were probably just friends with someone on the team or forgot something in the gym from earlier or… wait, maybe you are actually here for him. That’s what he figured when you stopped right before him, at least.
“Takao-san,” you greet with a cheerful smile.
“Oh,” he was surprised, but then smiled just as cheerfully, “____-chan! What brings you here?”
His question made you visibly slightly more nervous, “Well I’m… actually here for you!”Seeing his surprised expression, you continued before he could question anything. “I just… well I saw you drop this earlier but I couldn’t catch up to you to give it back.”
You take a pen out of your bag, and though it was only a pen, this was also an excuse to see Takao with reason. 
Somehow, Takao seemed disappointed, but when he reached out to take the pen with a ‘thank you’, his fingers brushed yours. 
Quickly, both of you pulled your hands away, faces suddenly feeling very hot. “S-so.. see you in class tomorrow!” You laugh shyly, and with a wave, you scurried out of the gym. 
The usually talkative Takao was left speechless, watch you leave with admiration. “Wow… Shin-chan, did you see that? She really likes me!”

An open letter to Macklemore

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