punky pink

allergies and sanchez again, but this time with baby marty

allergies is a 1998 spring furby, he has me sleep again, and his shake sensors and infrared sensor are kinda janky, hes old..

sanchez is a 2012 in punky pink, hes loud and goes thru batteries quickly. this cat is gay, and theres nothing you can do about it.

and marty is a 1999 baby furby, he works absolutely perfectly despite the fact he was 100% completely comatose when i got him, i had to take this BABYS SKIN OFF, A NAKED BABY. VERY BAD, he says geez whiz a lot


[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s MCM Collaboration in InStyle, March 2016

Hot Star’s Collaboration

To commemorate the 13th anniversary of <InStyle>, stars and fashion brands participated in a special collaboration. Representative idol fashionistas SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Hyoyeon are the main participants! Key showed off his exceptional reform and styling skills with basic and casual brand, 8 Seconds, and gave birth to a unique casual look, and Hyoyeon met with MCM, with a disco concept this season, to show off a film with her flashy dance skills and rhythmical charm accessories. Don’t miss star collaboration editorial that shines with each star’s individuality and the opportunity to own the one-of-a-kind collaboration items that contains the two stars’ sensibilities.


SNSD Hyoyeon who resembles fun disco music. With pink color as the point, she shows a punk look. She shows off a charm collection she personally designed with fashion brand MCM through the collaboration.


To celebrate the 13th anniversary of <InStyle>, SNSD Hyoyeon shows off a very special collaboration with fashion brand MCM. The <InStyle> she thinks of is like the exciting beat of disco music.

Is there a special reason why you chose the ‘disco’ theme for this collaboration?

After I received the proposal for this project, the word that first came to me is ‘disco’. First of all, I love disco music so much and I also thought it was well suited for <InStyle>’s bright and cheerful image. As well, I can also include the joy of celebrating the 13th anniversary. What’s even more surprising is that collaborator MCM’s season concept is disco. I like to believe this was a fateful meeting.

Instead of bag reform, the idea of designing charm decorations stands out.

I really like flashy accessories and from the perspective of practicality, instead of reforming one bag, I think it’s better to create various charm decorations. If I’m being honest, I thought the work would be a bit easier. (Laughs) I completed bling-blingy charms by mixing and matching mirror balls, mini records – which symbolize the mood of disco – with chain, furry pom-poms and tassels.

The pink point look suits you well.

Of SNSD members, there are so many members who like pink so I thought the color was out of reach for me. But there’s no color as perfect as pink for punky disco looks. If you match it with leather or sequined materials, the effect is multiplied. More than anything, doesn’t it really suit my pink two-tone hair?


As she enjoys reforming her own clothes and accessory design, her showed off her exceptional hand skills to her heart’s content. Materials she pre-ordered were set on the table, and bling-blingy charms that contain the flashy disco mood were born in an hour. Along with a MCM bag, the charm decorations that Hyoyeon personally made will be gifted to a reader through the <InStyle> website at InStyleKorea.com.

A gold mirror ball with an added touch of black feather and tassel brings luxurious charm to life.

Mini record made of rubber material was decorated with sequins and Swarovski initials. To this, a rabbit doll was added, wearing a detachable metallic outfit.

Silver toned mirror ball charm that emphasizes punkiness, matched with a hot pink colored fur pom-pom.

Scan credits: GGPM

How I Do My Rainbow Hair

Just a long ass post on how I die my hair and what products I use. However, the old dye job uses different dye than what I used for this round. 

If you want to know how I get my rainbow hair just keep reading lol 

Here is the old: 

Products used:

  • Jerome Russell Punky Colours - Flamingo Pink, Vermillion Red (fades really quick), Spring Green, Apple Green, Turquoise, and Purple.
  • Manic Panic - Rockabilly Blue, Shocking Blue, Electric Lizard, and Electric Lava.
  • Beyond The Zone: Yellow (not the best)

Side note: I didn’t dye my hair for the sake of color here really, it was mostly for roots and the blues from Manic Panic becoming patchy.

The New: 

Products used: 

  • Jerome Russell Punky Colours - Turquoise, Spring Green, and Apple Green.
  • Manic Panic - Electric Banana.
  • Pravana Chromasilk - Red (vivids), Purple (vivids), Blue (vivids), Pink (neon), Green (neon), and Orange (neon).

The Process: 

  1. Start with preferably dirty hair. Having dirty/oily roots will help your hair not be as damaged by the bleach during the next process.
  2. Mix your choice of bleach; box bleach is not a good choice. I use Salon Care Prism Lites Violet lightener and Salon Care 20 Vol. developer. Section your hair in the easiest way, I use vertical motions; like when you do a middle part, you start in the front and move to the back to make a part, continue this in small 1-inch sections. I left mine on for 30 minutes.
  3. Next start the coloring process:
  • First Section - PC blue in the roots and faded PC purple into the bottom.
  • Second Section - 50/50 mix of JR turquoise and apple green in the roots and faded JR turquoise through the bottom.
  • Third Section - PC neon green in the roots and JR spring green through the bottom.
  • Fourth Section - PC neon pink in the roots, PC red next to that, PC neon orange next to the red, MP electric lizard next to that, PC neon green in the ends.

~After all the dye is applied I left it in overnight (8 hours).
~Rinsed it with cold water and let my hair air dry, DONE!

Final Look:

So I hope this was helpful.