punky girls

My friend always joked to me that I should go as Tank Girl for Halloween, but at the time I would’ve NEVER imagine doing something like that (I used to get anxious even wearing a different wig for a Halloween costume..)

Honestly, I don’t know enough about Tank Girl to go as her anyway, but damn, if I could gain that level of confidence by Halloween……..

She’s such a bamf babe, that would be a SICK costume 


Ootd featuring Petey! The cutest little creature I got to look after!

I’m going to do my best to include where things are from in posts from now on!
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Sandals: Crocs
Necklace: Punky Pins
Dog: My friend Miranda

highschool au; ymir has a crush on historia but leaves it be because historia is probably straight

marco and historia and best friends and marco knows about historia’s crush on ymir, so when he notices the punky girl watching historia he makes his friend ask ymir out

anonymous asked:

Hi there, please don't feel rushed, but could you possibly do a cowboy daddy and a punky/grungy little girl? Thanks so much!!

We can try! Give us some time! :) -A


Today’s drawing WIP. Dedicated to David Bowie, RIP. This changed my plan for today’s gal but what is life if not unexpected changes? #davidbowie #Punky #girl #dibujodiario #instadaily #dailysketch

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A project on the works for SUPRA footwear :D #Punky #girl #dailysketch #manga #dibujodiario #supra

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WIP of today’s drawing. Software: Manga studio Ex 4. Brush: G-pen. Tablet: Cintiq. #Punky #girl #dibujodiario #dailysketch #instadaily

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A little break time. Punk hairstyles, my favorite thing to draw. Working on this one, the final drawing is coming. #Punky #girl #dibujodiario #dailysketch #manga

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