punky friends


Introducing our new friend, Punky!

Melissa (Punky)

Nickname: Punkin

Age: 19

Motive: wants to get as far away from Team Skull as possible and teach other grunts that they don’t need to steal pokemon to feel like a family

Catchphrase: “'Punk Girl sounds so scary.”

Fatal Flaw: is very angry about Team Skull stealing her style

An Old flame?

Punki always had a thing for Glitch after a kiss they shared years ago but at least they were still really good friends

But Punki hated Glitchs new boyfriend . He didn’t pay enough attention to Glitch he was always worried about his work and every time Glitch obviously needed to talk about something he would just blow it off. He wanted to tell Glitch how he felt but he didn’t want Glitch to be mad

(Text) Glitchy: he’s not right for you, you know…


I got an information that my friend Punki has a serious money problem. 

She is a student (paying stuff with her own money) now and in Poland weather is getting colder and colder, so its getting harder to life on cold food and drinks. If you would like to help (please please please) you can commision her. She is an artist (WITH A HUGE TALENT AND GREAT STYLE, you won’t be disappointed!!) and takes commision to gather some money. So if you would like to buy something or just send a donation please contact her on: 


or visit 


Thank you for reading and I hope for your help. Have a great autumn everybody. Stay warm.


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My friend always joked to me that I should go as Tank Girl for Halloween, but at the time I would’ve NEVER imagine doing something like that (I used to get anxious even wearing a different wig for a Halloween costume..)

Honestly, I don’t know enough about Tank Girl to go as her anyway, but damn, if I could gain that level of confidence by Halloween……..

She’s such a bamf babe, that would be a SICK costume