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Himekawa’s Partner

I love Maki Himekawa.  Because I would probably do the same things she did. 

That magical talking animal befriended in youth (or the imaginary one many of us longed for) might just be a girl’s first and only real love.

Ladies (and boys, but hear me out here), raise your hands: Did you hope to meet a Care Bear one day?  A Totoro in your back yard?  Did you long for your very own Daemon to take shape?  Of course you were secretly a Digidestined too, right?  Did the ideal pony that you wished for actually have a voice and a demi-human personality (and maybe actually be a unicorn with magic, while you were at it)?

It took a little while for girls to become badasses in cartoons, but I would argue that teaming up with magical animals was a crucial step.  And certainly, it must have had an effect on the psyche of girls of my generation.

In my case, I think I can trace the root of this deep desire for sentient animal companionship to the Punky Brewster cartoon of the late 80s:

This Glomer character made rainbows, kids!  Rainbows and magic and miracles!

And so, if I lost my one and only childhood spirit creature to the whims of fate - But a fate I thought was within my power to re-engineer - You can bet I’d become every bit as consumed as Himekawa did.  It would become my own life’s work, without hesitation.  

I would stand up in front of a room full of powerful men, talking about protecting civilians just because it’s my day job and allows access to crucial information.

I might even find myself justifying actions of dubious morality, because “That partner imprinted on me, and how could I ever pay it back for the difference it made in my life?  I owe it, and the universe owes me.”  This is what I imagine she is thinking.

From the meta standpoint, I’m not justifying the things she did (presumably facilitating the reboot even while knowing the consequences; allowing Meicoomon to kill and infect; lying to many different people) - Just saying that I can understand them.  And I couldn’t say for certain that I would not do some of the same things in her position.

Like the audience (Target audience, i.e. people who watched and loved Digimon as kids), she’s trying to return to her origin point, her childhood. 

Partnering off with each other may be what grown-ups do, but it will never be a replacement for the magic of childhood.  Although I do ship and root for them, it’s also very telling that Maki and Daigo’s relationship apparently doesn’t last.

Because he’s still out there somewhere…

I will never, ever be over this moonlit scene.  I think it was intentionally given a soft and feminine quality.  Look, she actually cried here.

And yet, for all her study and dedication, she apparently miscalculated.

Maki Himekawa is in deep.  She’s a little (a lot?) crazy, but…That’s a girl’s true love at work, and for that I respect and understand her completely.


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Growing up, I use to loooove Punky Brewster….mainly because I loved wearing my hair in two pigtails/two braids/ two ponytails (and so on)… now that i’m approaching my 30’s, this style might not quite be age appropriate … or whateva🤦🏽‍♀️🤔lol.. bump that😂😂
As long as it’s cute right!!?😬💁🏽🙈 lol #agedebates #punkybrewster #naturalhairmagic #simplehairdos
FYI: right before I wash my hair, if i feel like squeezing in one more style; it usually involves my slabbing on a lot of gel on my edges😩😂, at that point i just dont care how dirty my hair is lol… that white residue usually disappears after I’ve tied it down with a scarf. #myhaircrush

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I couldn’t resist, he just looked like such a grump in the first pic I just had to, I almost wish I colored him gray for this… Almost. The sad thing is I wanna do more (already have a few ideas hehe) I need to stop… Or do I? Only time will tell. Once again cat Mr. Dinkles is from @tisbubb ’s “A little change” fanfic.

Oh and bonus art, I took another shot at drawing human au Branch, I’m kinda diggin’ scruffy wolfy Branch, I drew Poppy this time too, she looks… Interesting kinda chipmunkish, I think I was going for a Punky Brewster vibe. I wanted to make her hair as chaotic as Branch’s cuz she’s such an adorable mess. Now I might try some fic art with these two. I only half-heartedly colored it though cuz I kinda shit the bed on anatomy.

best of me

Best of Me
Pairing: Sebastian/OFC (named)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Fluffy smutty goodness. And lots of Romanian.
A/N: Okay. I really shouldn’t write in a language I don’t know, because Google Translate botches every thing, but nevertheless…there are a dick ton of Romanian phrases in here, which I only translate half of in the text (apologies to anyone who speaks Romanian, I’m human garbage). Everything is fully translated at the end. Forgive me for this, I just wanted to put out some fluffy shit before I start blowing yall up with the seriously kinky shit.

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victor!!! on ice

okay so i recognize that victor is mr. hottest most mysterious bachelor in the world and has spawned like a thousand conspiracy theories, but after episode 5, i believe i have properly decoded his thoughts and feelings and have decided to write out the premiere from his perspective. musings of a very deep man behind the cut.

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