Here Is Our Drunk Friend Denise Interviewing Japanese Bands At Warped Tour

We can’t stand the idea of going to Warped Tour to cover it this year. Even if we’re making fun of it. It would be funny, but we just can’t do it. But god bless our pal Denise over at PunkWorldViews who did brave the heat and the unending sea of neon kids. Here she is, completely drunk and interviewing some Japanese band who barely speaks English. It went horribly wrong and we love it. 

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They’re a little bit punk and a LOTTA bit country, but the boys of Lucero have won the hearts of fans from all genres.  While I’m not typically a fan of music this low key, I can’t help but get stoked for their set at the sixth stop of the 2011 Van’s Warped Tour in Pomona, CA.  I got to talk Ben Nichols(vocals) about the tour, beards, and making out with chicks.  Check it out!


Of Legends interview with PunkWorldViews.com


PunkWorldViews.com interview with Make Do and Mend before their set at Chain Reaction (4-23-11)

WTF Behind the Music: Denise Borders

How did you become involved in the industry? My brother, Mark, does a webzine for Eugene Records (www.eugenerecords.com), and since I was a young teen I’ve helped him out with interviews, taking photos and going to shows.  Even before that, I loved going to concerts and just being around live music.  But I can pretty much blame my brothers for getting me into the rad shit!    What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your job? Money! People think that I make a living off of PunkWorldViews.com, when the truth is I have a full time job in web/tv production at a company here in Hollywood called Eyeboogie (www.eyeboogie.com).  Anyone who works in the music industry knows that you do it for the love… NOT the money!    What’s one thing you wish people would have warned you about the industry before you became involved? To be fair, I was pretty much warned about everything.  Before I ever broke a sweat for this industry, I knew a lot of people who had already had, so they were great mentors and were always honest with me from day one.  It’s not a glamorous industry and you have to be prepared to be over worked and underpaid.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? I got a lot of negative energy pushed on me when I first moved from Kentucky to California to pursue all of this, and while it wasn’t advice, I think it actually helped me push to succeed.  In Kentucky, people were like, “She won’t make it, no way she’s moving.” And then once I actually made it here, people in Cali were like, “She won’t last six months.” I won’t point the finger and say EVERYONE was negative, but the amount was overwhelming.  Instead of letting it bring me down, it was just fueling me to not give up and to make sure that I proved all of them wrong.  And now, here I am almost one year later!  If it weren’t for all those party poopers, who knows where I’d be!!    What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I have a few to choose from… but I think the winner would have to be my telemarketing job.  They liked to call us “account representatives” but when you have to say, “May I speak with the head of the household?” over a hundred times in a day, YOU’RE A TELEMARKETER! haha, the money was actually decent, but it was really monotonous and annoying.     What’s the most rewarding part of your job? With PWV, I feel like I’m doing something positive and I’m able to be as creative as I want.  I truly do this because it’s my passion, and that in itself is rewarding.  Anytime you work your ass off on something that isn’t lucrative, you’ve got to love it, and through the hard times and the good times, I’ve really learned to love everything I do with the site.  I know the press is typically seen as the enemy but I’ve come to feel like I’m on the same side as the musicians.  We are both doing something that we love for very little money, so nothing but positive things are driving us to continue forward every day.  I’m only there to help them out and try to keep this dying industry afloat. Man, I could really go on and on about the rewarding parts! Any time I get an email from a reader saying that they found out about ‘so and so’ from my site and now they love them, their seeing them live and ordering music/merch, I get so stoked.  I try to think about how I first heard about my favorite bands and how thankful I am that I came across them, and I hope that people find new music on my site, as well as learn things about bands they love already.      What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn? Being the press can be really painful to one’s ego. Coming from Kentucky, where I was typically the ONLY press at the show, to Los Angeles where you can hardly move in the pit due to all the press, it definitely gives you a new perspective.  You have to really build relationships and put in the work to get press spots sometimes.  Making the transition, I definitely expected it, but it doesn’t make the process of being turned down any easier.  But personally, if a band (or their publicist) doesn’t want me to interview them, then I have to just blow it off and move onto the next, because there are tons of bands that know how important press is and you can’t waste your time dwelling on those that pass on you.  NEXT! :)    What artists are you listening to now? Lately, I’ve really been going back to my roots! I’ve barely been able to take Capricorn One (Good Riddance) out of my CD player lately.  However, I’m also getting more and more into hardcore music than in my recent years.  Bands like Title Fight, who recently signed with SideOneDummy, are a refreshing new band that is not only good, but they have really positive vibes and seem like awesome dudes.  There are so many bands I love, and one of my favorite things is when people ask me to tell them bands to check out! So please, feel free to email me at punkworldviews(at)gmail or hit me up on facebook! I’ll tell you who’s the shit!    Was there ever an incident where you felt you were treated unfairly because of your gender? Some people have always wanted to act like things have been easier for me in this industry because I’m a chick, and that in itself is sort of unfair treatment! It’s implying that my hard work and tenacity is unrecognized and I’ve only gotten to where I am due to my gender.  If anything, I think it’s harder to be taken seriously when you’re female because a lot of people assume you’re in this field just to try to bang musicians.  FIRST of all, you don’t have to have a press pass to bang a musician, haha, so that is a moo point from the get-go. Despite all these things, I’m not generally treated different, except maybe not always taken as serious as I’d like.  But.. ehh, ya know, sometimes you just can’t take yourself too seriously I guess! :)    *I am really open to people writing me, whether it’s questions or advice, suggestions or whatever.  I encourage people to add me on facebook, follow my twitter, and email me with whatever Q’s they have!  PunkWorldViews.com twitter.com/punkworldviews l facebook.com/denise.borders l myspace.com/enjoydenise l youtube.com/enjoydenise 

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