My friend Breda from the music blog Dead Sound interviewed Battles drummer John Stanier after their recent gig in Glasgow and got me a drumstick as a gift. Usually this sort of thing doesn’t shake me in any way but……

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy is a fucking machine!! So very obviously destroyed by rimshots but yet the tip hardly has a scratch! /raised eyebrow/

Something very artistic that 12 songs and 1hr of Battle’s music later John Stanier had carved this.

I LooOoooVE! it! THANKS BREEDS!!!!

you can hear the interview here

nimrodkid asked:

Duuude you should draw more !! That one green day thing you drew was sick !

Awh thanks!! I’m not really sure what drawing you’re talking about because I haven’t done any Green Day fan art yet but I have done American Idiot the musical fan art so maybe that’s what you’re talking about? Idk but yeah thank you I’m just gonna keep drawing until I feel like semi-confident about my art  hah :-)