So Many Ways Review

Check out an amazing review of the new So Many Ways Ep from the folks over at punksinvegas.com

So Many Ways
So Many Ways
Mightier Than Sword Records
Sounds Like: A heavier, faster, louder Four Year Strong

Score: 9/10

Chicago’s So Many Ways is like that kid who doesn’t get chosen for a team in pickup basketball, but when he finally gets a chance to play, he can’t miss a shot. Although you’ve probably never heard of them, they are aggressive, versatile, and talented in every sense of the word.

The first thing you’ll notice about SMW, aside from the sweet New Found Glory song title they used for their band name, is their musicianship. The two guitarists (Jason and Murphy) sound like they have 25 fingers each. In their debut EP Floridian (awesome, by the way), they definitely let the world know they are capable of major shreds and this self-titled sophomore effort puts it all together without making it feel forced. Keith, the drummer, works hard behind the kit and his subtle drum fills did not go unnoticed by yours truly.

This record is a blast to listen to and it has something for everyone. ”Murf’s Life Hints” is heavily punk-influenced, the intro “Take It To The Limit” sounds like a Dragonforce audition and songs like ”37 Chambers” and “Oak Island” are on the pop/punk and post-hardcore side of the fence. The bridge on” Oak Island” is one of the highlights of the album, with its heavy, rhythmic drums coated by a fun, intricate guitar line and perfectly delivered lyrical passages.

This up-and-coming band has a good grip on its own style and all seven tracks on this record have a distinct sound with a certain vitality and originality that only the five dudes in SMW can produce. As lyricists, they’re not Bob Dylan, but they definitely hold their own and will induce more than their fair share of sing-alongs. The more I listened to this album the more I got into the contrasting vocals they utilize. There are songs predominated by rough and guttural vocals and then there are others with smooth, soaring choruses. Both techniques sound great and SMW has a real knack for mixing it up and keeping you on your toes.

This release is a twenty-minute joyride that will not only garner the band some overdue attention, but it’ll also melt your face off. Newly signed to Mightier Than Sword Records, SMW is done being the kid on the bench during the pickup basketball game and this album is all half-court shots, nothing but net. So Many Ways is available today on Mightier Than Sword Records.

- Felipe Garcia