punks and cannonballers

i need my girl

Davy says that I look taller, I can’t get my head around it, I keep feeling smaller and smaller, I need my girl
Luke: “I swear you are getting taller still, luke!” ashton commented. The truth was he had never felt so small. He hated not being with you, you gave him the confidence to always be himself and come out of his shell, but now he feels himself turning back into the shy boy he was when he first met you and had to ask calum to get your number for him (which you obviously giggled at and then obliged). God, how much he missed your laugh. His brain wouldn’t function without you, and his body didn’t want to touch anyone that was not you. His fingertips did not want to run through anyone else’s hair. His eyes did not want to see another lying in bed beside him. His lips did not want to touch anyone’s but yours. He needed his girl.

Remember when you lost your shit and drove the car into the garden, and you got out and said I’m sorry, to the vines and no one saw it.
Michael: You had been so angry. Your best friend had been spouting off all night about how stupid you were for being with michael when he was “clearly” using you, and “obviously” sleeping with other girls when he was away. She had no idea about the depth of your relationship with michael and had no right to tear it down the way she did. Your knuckles were tight around the steering wheel and were turning white. Fustration ran through your body. You were going to see michael, he was the only one who could ever turn your moods around. You drove harshly into his drive where he was sitting on the door step waiting for you as you had texted him telling him to be prepared for an angry girl coming to his house. You drove your car right into his garden,almost hitting the tall tree in the middle of it, earning a laugh from your boyfriend. You jumped out of the car, sending a quick apology to the vines, before running into michael’s arms, calming down immediately.

In a week we’ll be together, try to call you when I’m landed, I need my girl 
Calum: One week, you thought, one week and calum would be home. You had split just before he had left for tour because you couldn’t deal with the distance and the jealousy that you could not avoid, knowing all those beautiful girls would be throwing themselves at him. It was as hard for him as it was for you. The boys tried and tried to cheer him up, but calum only wanted you. After a while he refused to even talk about you and even hooked up with a few girls, which the boys noticed looked a bit like you. Now, he was coming home and there was only one face his wanted to see. He tried to call you when he landed, but you didn’t answer. Panic set in as he worried that you didn’t want to see him, he called again, and again, when you finally answered. “calum?” hearing your voice speak his name sent goosebumps over his body. “hi babe.” 

I’ll try to call you from the party, it’s full of punks and cannonballers, I need my girl.
Ashton: You phone buzzed constantly, everytime you checked the caller ID, the same name appeared. Ashton. He was your boyfriend, but you had just had a huge argument about him going out to a party at a friends house that you hated. You normally wouldn’t have minded, but his friend was vile and horrible to you and the idea that ashton wanted to associate himself with people like that made you furious. 102 missed calls, flashed on your phone, you let out a heavy sigh, wishing he would just leave you alone to cool off. Once, again your phone buzzes. “What ashton!? What the fuck do you want!?” you shout, finally answering. “will you come and get me?” “what?” you ask confused. “I’m at the party, but I don’t want to be here, please come and get me, I just want to be with you. I need you.” he confesses. “okay. Ill be there in ten.”