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I am participating in an event called the 30 Hour Famine with my church. Basically, what we do is fast. We do not eat for 30 hours to get the slightest glimpse of what a child in poverty goes through every single day. The organization we do the event through is called World Vision and the proceeds are used to care for and feed children living in poverty. HERE is the link to my donations page!

If you can help out and donate any money at all, please do! Every single penny counts for something. You can donate anonymously as well if that appeals to you! Here are the donation options on the website:

  • Donate any amount you wish. A dollar. Five. Ten. Twenty.  Whatever. Honestly, everything and anything you give is greatly appreciated.
  • $35 feeds and cares for a child for an entire month.
  • $70 feeds and cares for a child for two months.
  • $140 feeds and cares for a child for four months.

It costs $35 a month to feed and care for a child. To care for and feed a child for a year, it costs $420. I want to reach $420, but whatever I can contribute to the cause is amazing. As of today, the participating members of my youth group have raised $700. We’re very close to feeding and caring for a child for two years (or two children for a year, etc).

Please, if you can give a few dollars or more, it would be amazing. Again, HERE is the link to my donations page! Thank you!