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Poor April,she is looking so thirsty in that video. She wants that D so bad. To bad our queen has it and she'll never give it to that ho

You know what… I wasn’t going to do this but I’m sensing some hostility from the PunkLita shippers and I LOVE pissing you annoying twits off.

Shall we compare the level of happy lately?

Punk and your “queen” at a game: 

First shot… not too happy, kind of bleh with life. Second… on his phone.

Now with AJ:

Laughing, relaxed.

April didn’t look “thirsty” you illiterate moron. She was out, enjoying a game with her friend (or boyfriend no one knows). They were laughing, having fun, PUNK looked happy as fuck not a single soul could deny that.

You wanna call that girl a “ho” and that she’s “thirsty” and shit, better remember that Amy is famous of breaking up a relationship and a friendship by having an affair. Not calling her a “ho” by any means Santa, simply saying— don’t go after AJ who is actually an innocent girl contrary to the character she portrays on tv. 

Now, take your ghetto ass back across 8-Mile.

Amy did not post that tweet on the Kenz’s account. It went up right around the time Punk was screwing around with his display name on his own account so I’m 99.9% sure he posted it.

Even if she and Punk have broken up, she would never post anything like that to “get attention” or to make people feel “sorry” for her. That’s pretty much the last thing she would do, I mean, she’s not Matt Hardy.