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Am i the only one with a punk Hufflepuff au? Like short punkish looking girl that looks like she'd be sorted into Slytherin or Gryffindor but secretly just a huge cinnamon roll of pure sunshine!!

holy crap okay

  • A smol mugglep-born girl on her first day of Hogwarts listening to Fall Out boy and Green Day in her headphones on the train
  • Everyone giving her sideways looks on the platform because of her pink hair
  • “Is she a metamorphagus????” 
  • McGonagall calling her name and eyeing Dumbledore as this girl with bright pink hair and her sleeves rolled up sits down on the chair
  • Everyone being so smug in thinking for sure she’s going to be a Gryffindor or perhaps Slytherin
  • The sorting hat yelling “HUFFLEPUFF” and everyone being like ???? um 
  • while the hufflepuff table erupts into cheers of ‘HOLY SHIT WE GOT THE PUNK CHICK” 
  • people being quite intimidated by her throughout the years because of her forever changing hair colours and her cool-aura she gives off
  • but then when they talk to her they realise she’s the cutest and sweetest person ever 
  • her introducing all the puffs to her muggle punk music and everyone being like “alright i can dig this” 
  • “i thought, being a hufflepuff, that I had to look as nice as my personality but fuck that I want green hair” 

Costume accessory idea?

So I got a giant tangle, anyways the first thing I did when I got it out of its box was put it around my neck like necklace. Then I had the idea of what if I got a 2nd giant one and made myself a bandoleer out of them? 

I am thinking I might do it to go with my outfit for my convention next month. This year our theme is post apocalyptic with heavy fallout references. Since a lot of the fallout stuff is 50′s fashion, I am working on a punkish pin-up girl kinda look. I am already planning on having a lot of my neurodiversity pins and buttons on my vest, so why not add to that with a giant tangle? 

Thinking I may also spray paint the tangles to match my outfit as well. What do you all think? 

Also my one friend is going to make me a squeaky bopper foam silver hammer. Which I am really excited about. Cause then I will get to make all the “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” references cause I love The Beatles. 

Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh 


Clementine is a junior in high school who seems average enough: she has friends, family, and the romantic attention of the boys in her school. When her openly gay best friend takes her out on the town, she wanders into a lesbian bar where she encounters Emma: a punkish, confident girl with blue hair. Their attraction is instant and electric, and Clementine find herself in a relationship that will test her friends, parents, and her own ideas about herself and her identity.


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A conversation between a punkish Ravenclaw girl and an adorable (tall) Hufflepuff boy
  • Ravenclaw: Hey! *Awkwardly puts her forearm on the Hufflepuff's shoulder* So, how are you doing on that project you needed the book for? Because I might need that back soon.
  • Hufflepuff: *Tries to lower his shoulder so the Ravenclaw is more comfortable* Not well. This really isn't my area.
  • Ravenclaw: I understand, an it's not an easy assignment anyway. Tell you what. I remember that stuff, I can help you.
  • Hufflepuff: *Smiles with relief* That would be great!
  • Ravenclaw: *Grins* You're welcome. I could take you under my wing. When I think about it, you can be my legacy!
  • Hufflepuff: What-
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah! Setting off fireworks,
  • Hufflepuff: No-
  • Ravenclaw: Vulgar jokes while annotating quidditch games,
  • Hufflepuff: Bad idea-
  • Ravenclaw: and just being an all-around genius hell-raiser!
  • Hufflepuff: No, that's-
  • Ravenclaw: Yes.
  • Hufflepuff: But-
  • Ravenclaw: YES.
Moira Burton is not only the daughter of Barry Burton, but she is also good friends with Claire Redfield. Her friendship with Claire is what leads her to join Terra Save despite being only twenty years old. She is foul-mouthed and has a rebellious streak that makes it hard for others to deal with her. After Terra Save is attacked, she is kidnapped and taken to a strange island. Will she lose herself to the insanity that has engulfed the island, or will she be able to pull herself together long enough so she and Claire can escape?
—  Moira Burton’s character description.